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Bunny Lord
20-08-2008, 17:03
Prince- star dragon armor of caledor 4+ re rollable save item (don't remember its name) halberd 606

Dragon mage- de spell scroll 5+ ward item 400

10 archers 110

10 archers 110

5 dragon princes- standerd banner of eleryion 161

5 dragon princes- standerd bearrer war banner 171

14 swordmasters 210

Tiranoc Charriot 85

Tiranoc Charriot 85

Bolt Thrower 100

Bolt Thrower 100

Eagle 50

Eagle 50

So what do you think?

20-08-2008, 20:11
I actually decided against playing a list like this at the Cedar Grove RTT at Time Warp Comics. Its a fun list to play but it has its share of problems.

It has problems with Daemons, Vampire Counts and High Elf Magic list. You have 3 dispel dice and 2 scroll. You don't even get the High Elf +1 to dispel because the dragon mage does not get that so heavy magic is a problem. Dragons also do not do well against large blocks of ranked infantry without help. Against immune to psych armies with large blocks of infantry you just end up getting stuck because you can't break them on the charge.

I give the Dragon Mage Level 2, Silver Wand and then 2 Dispel Scrolls. Pair this with Banner of Sorcery and your casting up to 3 spells a turn with 2-4 dice each. It is expensive but it can be pretty effective.

I think the costs of the dragon princes are wrong. I don't have my book right but I think your costs are too low.

Chariots I think are too vulnerable to a Strength 7 hit blowing them up. Might want to cut those and then add a 6th Dragon Prince to each unit and sub in Banner of Sorcery for the Warbanner and buy a Silver wand and Dispel Scroll for the Dragon Mage if you can afford it.

You will probably get dinged on Comp for having 2 dragons or do GTs have no comp now?

What happened to Tomb Kings?