View Full Version : Kroxigor Skirmish screen question

Spiney Norman
20-08-2008, 18:05
Can a unit of Kroxigor containing a character still charge through skinks using the skirmish screen rule even if the character doesn't have the rule?

20-08-2008, 20:15
There was a long thread about this topic about a month ago I think - not sure what were the final conclusions, if any.

Spiney Norman
20-08-2008, 21:42
I've looked through that thread and it didn't really come to any conclusion, just two groups on both sides, both equally entrenched in their own interpretation of the rules.

I think the problem is GW never ruled on this. From other similar precedent (mainly fast cav reform movement rules) I'd suggest the intent was that they could, but the rules weren't written with this question in mind. Its probably best to discuss the issue with my opponent before the game and role a dice in the case of disagreement.

20-08-2008, 21:57
The general consensus here was... as you say; two sides.

Among the people on warhammer.org though almost all felt the Kroxigor's couldn't.

As has been said; it really is up in the air; and can be argued either way.

Per the most Important Rule; your D6 plan is probably the best idea.