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20-08-2008, 21:22
I'm sure this was addressed previous but I can't find the thread.

With the new WD list for Warriors of Chaos, Daemonic Mount is now a 1 wound mount so it can't be targeted separately anymore. What size base model is appropriate to represent it? The Steed of Slaanesh model (and I'm guessing some others) comes with a large Monster base (bigger than an ogre base). The mount isn't a "large monster" (for rules purposes) so using the huge base seems off. Could I use a regular horse based model (like a Chaos Knight Champion) to represent the hero on a Daemonic Mount? I own the Steed of Slaanesh Model but should I still use it with the enormous base?

Does "ridden monster" vs. "1-wound-mount" even collate to base size?

20-08-2008, 22:03
The tag Monstrous mount means that the creature in question, unless specified otherwise in the armybook, will use the monstrous base.
The Hordes of chaos entry currently just turns them into cavalry with a standard cavalry base.

21-08-2008, 20:11
The Hordes of chaos entry currently just turns them into cavalry with a standard cavalry base.

Incorrect. Cavalry-rules doesn't necessarily mean that they go on cavalry-bases. For example, Juggernauts of Khorne from DoC go on 50x50mm-bases, but count as cavalry mounts. The same goes for Daemonic Mounts from the WD WoC-list, since a change in this (from the HoC to WoC lists) hasn't been specified.
They have changed the Daemonic Mounts to a 1W-cavalry-steed, but that does not mean that they have changed the base size. The WoC-list tells us that it represents Juggernauts, Steeds of Slaanesh and Discs of Tzeentch, all of which, in their current incarnation, are mounted on 50x50mm-bases.

21-08-2008, 20:21
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