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21-08-2008, 01:02
In the Tau Codex, Commander Farsight is a renegade commander who left the Tau Empire and the teachings of the Ethereals to found the Farsight Enclaves. He has become a mercenary, selling his and the services of his forces to any customer willing to pay in raw materials. On Arthas Moloch the Ethereal leading the expedition "dissapeared". Is it that the Dawn Blade is a Chaos artefact that corrupted Farsight, for Arthas Moloch was once an Alpha Legion held planet? Is Farsight an unwitting servant of Chaos and an agent within the Tau?


21-08-2008, 01:58
there's probably 50 threads on this topic.

Lord Damocles
21-08-2008, 09:08
Behold my search-fu!

Anyway the options are either:
-Chaos pawn (red armour, eight strong bodyguard unit, former Chaos world)
-Necron connection (suggestion of tombworld, look of the Dawn Blade, mysterious enemy)
-Eldar connection (Blade-Wraith??)
-He's no longer under the pheremone control of the Ethereals, and so has gone back to the way of the Mon'Tau (sp?)

21-08-2008, 09:43
Necron/C'tan seems to be the most widely accepted, but this has been discussed to death in a million other threads.

21-08-2008, 13:53
i seem to remember Andy Hoare once replied to a thread about this and said that if you gather every scrap of background about him thats been published by them, then the answer is in there if you read between the lines. Perhaps someone else can answer if they remember better than i do

Col. Tartleton
21-08-2008, 14:00
well in that case we should compile all the references and information about him here, and then hold palaver over it...

21-08-2008, 14:03
I have actually thought about this quite a bit, I actually think what happened is Farsight either had a moment of clarity and realized that the Ethereals were more self-serving than thinking about the “Greater Good” or maybe had some ulterior motives for their actions.

Or maybe he was away from the pheromones that the Ethereals use to keep the population in check long enough for his head to clear and he see the bigger picture.

Whatever the reason GW can do some really creative and fun things with this idea so hopefully they will expand on it.

21-08-2008, 14:07
It's Anaris, the Dawn Blade that Vaul forged.

21-08-2008, 14:17
-Necron connection (suggestion of tombworld, look of the Dawn Blade.
Doesn't the blade ignore both Armour and Inv. save, like C'Tan and Warscythe?

21-08-2008, 16:44
Specific Farsight threads:

plus on the Dawnblade:

21-08-2008, 17:37
It's Anaris, the Dawn Blade that Vaul forged.So the blade that probably never even existed and was a metaphore for the Talisman of Vaul battlestation, somehow survived 60 millions of years, Exterminatus, an Alpha Legion Chaos infestation, Space Marine purge and ended up in hands of some random Tau in form of a khopesh too big for a human or Eldar to wield even in 2 hands, when it was clearly wielded by Eldanesh, who was nothing but Eldar in form? Not to say that the consequences of the blade's recovery seem to be exactly contrary to the Eldar goals regarding Tau? (ie. the downfall of Tau'va in the Enclaves when it seems the doctrine was created and manipulated by Eldar to protect the Tau).

avatar of kaine
21-08-2008, 18:53
i nreckon the blade could even be old one technology or possibly necron or from the dark age of technology or maybe even forged by vaul. but i also think if its not the dawn blade then it must be he has seen the truth, he is under influence of the C'tan or .....

Col. Tartleton
21-08-2008, 19:15
Is there a reason its called the Dawn Blade given?

Because having a sword (shaped like an archaic wraith lord blade. LOOK AT IT!) with a name so similar to an eldar weapon of great power is odd.

He's under the influence of the old ones, because the entire tau race are. The ethereals unwittingly serve Cegorach, its not hard to imagine Khaine or Vaul have taken the heart of a commander. I think that the way farsight fights is more eldar than khornate. If he was at the beck of Khorne his units would be a bit more chaotic and a little less undersupplied tau as per normal. They'd have axes and swords and hack at their enemies instead of shooting them with star stuff. Also he has a shield. What kind of Beserker uses a shield?

21-08-2008, 20:31
I think Necron is most likely, with Eldar/Old Ones/Eldar Gods being a possibility. They don't seem very Chaos-y though.