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21-08-2008, 03:22
Ok I have tried and tried to use a magic orientated choas mortal army and failed. I have tried Shadow, Death, Fire etc etc and I can never get the points to work so I am going back to combat focused with a scroll cadie.

Now I have a 2250 points tornament with no special characters. Also as my choas army is the only army I have painted (well nearly) and composition/presentation make up 50% of the marks I stick with choas mortals. So with this in mind I will be facing some very hard vampire, high elf and demon armies so what is a good army compsition. I can field just about any thing. At present I am thinking along the following lines:

Choas Lord on Dragon with

conquest helm + choas rune shield + flail + slanesh


conquest helm + armour of dargan + sword of might +shield + slanesh

Exhaulted Champ + sword of might + armour damation + chariot. His job is to protect the back lines or support the giant.

Sorcer + 2 dispell scrolls

5 hounds
5 hounds

10 marauders
10 marauders

5 Marauder horse with Javlin and command

5 Chosen slanesh knights full command
5 khorne knights full command war banner


This leaves me about 150 points and I was thinking that having no ranged hurts. So I could fiddle points and get some orger lead belchers allies (I dont have a hell cannon).

The alternative is to drop the dragon and get another exhaulted plus some orge bulls or run a demon prince without magic?

last question is how do orge allies work are the special slot or rare?

Help is appreciated as the mortal list seems a little weak at the moment.

21-08-2008, 04:28
Well I like to take one or two cannons from dogs of war. Wicked against cavalry or high armour, or even hero sniping. That could be the ranged. You seem to be relying on your knights a fair amount, and I'm not sure your core is legal. Last time I checked I thought hounds were not counted against min core.

Ranged otherwise, hellcannon is way too expensive and not trustworthy. Axes or javelins on the marauders are a WASTE OF POINTS. They rarely get used.

For running magic, shadow OWNS. Steed of shadows, crown of taidron. Best combo ever made. The other spells are awesome too, its pretty much the only lore I use, even with the new tzeetch mark. Giving your knights a first turn charge with unseen lurker, hitting dwarves with the template one, it rocks all around.

I like the eye of tzeetch, tzeetch marked, runeshield on my general, and he is usually mounted on a dragon. I give him a flail if I know I am not going hero hunting, and biting blade for just in case. That is a monster. Last game I played with unseen lurker my dragon moved 49" in one turn with a pursue move included.

May want to rethink a few things. Not sure how to structure it for your tastes, looks like hero hammer with core absorbed by cheap models.

My personal style is a couple hammer units (knights, chariot, giant), a few hero hammers (lord on dragon, sorcerers with shadow lore (tzeetch staff)), some core with heroes to support inside or near them (don't really need that with wars), and a couple cannons and charge baiters.

21-08-2008, 06:25
yep your right list not legal. Last list I had 12 choas warriors but as they never make the grade I dropped them. So I need replace them or put them back in :(.

So I drop the javilins and command on marauder cav. This leaves me about 190 points spare and needing to have another core. So min unit of choas warriors is 120 points. This leave about 70 spare.


1. Drop the dragon place the lord on a deamonic mount.
2. Drop the lord and add exhaulted on steed.
3. Drop one unit of knights.

either option gives me about 400 points to play with. Options are

1. Add Orge lead bealchers.
2. Add merc cannons.

if I drop a unit of knights I would most likely boost them up to 6 and add the exahulted in the other knights unit.


21-08-2008, 18:09
Ok well I built a list semi-inspired by your list. There are a couple of options with building it, and of course it has to suit your playing style immensely in order for it to work, as you have to use your strategy.

So I built the following:

Chaos Lord
-tzeetch marked
-eye of tzeetch
-biting blade

Chaos Sorcerer
-level 2
-chaos familiar
-lore of shadow

Chaos Sorcerer
-level 2
-2 dispel scrolls
-lore of shadow

10 marauders
-LA, shield, mus

10 maraud
-as above

10 chaos warriors
-you can customize these however you want, for horde drop the hounds mark them chosen with add hwpn. against high armour, gwpn, whpn and shield to hold the line, mark them anything

2 x 5 hounds
-for frenzy blocking / sorcerer hunting

5 maruader horsemen
-I give them full command and flails, they are terrific for war machine and sorcerer hunting along with march blocking

1 cannon
-practice guessing if you never have
I don't even take leadbelchers because their rules are too restrictive. Have a look at the ogre kingdoms book before ever taking these guys.

2 units 5 chaos knights
-as you configured them, except I rarely take champions and musicians. I find them to be a waste of points. I might take a champion in a non-khorne unmarked unit. Guarantee the charge and you will never need them

1 giant
-making him a mutant might work to your advantage. I find that often just winning combat marginally can keep you stuck, the chance to fall down is a good choice

As a note to strategy. Most armies tend to have some specific shooting. They will aim at your lord on a dragon, then your giant, then the knights. If you don't protect the lord (I do with a 3+ ward), he will die. In a recent legendary battle, that lord survive for 8 turns (entire turns), killed around 3-3.5k by himself and survived around 29 cannon shots, 4 turns of organ guns, and combat with numerous heroes. His dragon was killed by the fey enchantress, so beware anything with initiative tests.

Magic and shooting is your bane with any chaos army. So with 2 sorcerers, you hopefully will get at least one with crown of taidron, and you can always trade down for steed of shadows. At least one of the two should have unseen lurker. Worst case scenario you have one with steed of shadows and the other with the crown. This is great for first turn dropping in the middle of his deployment zone, march blocking, hitting war machines, mages and units, causing panic and tons of stuff. Many people don't see it coming, but think of it as a 150 point depth charge.

Try to take out shooters and move fast, thats the flying and unseen lurker. A first turn charge as chaos is wicked. Throw the marauders into board quarters for points at the end. Hide them, try to avoid fleeing.

I find hounds to be a waste of points, but its your choice. You could make the warriors awesome, or crapify them and drop the hounds and drop in another hero. Its a personal choice.

21-08-2008, 22:45
I see some strange things in the list that I will point out.

The new Lord looks fine, but giving him the flail is pointless. You can't use a mundane weapon if you have a magic weapon, then you have to use the magic weapon. Also taking a flail along with the Runeshield isn't very good either since the flail is two-handed and thus you cannot use the flail if you want the effects from the Runeshield as well. Throw that flail away, or stick with flail and get Armour of Damnation (the best armour in the list imo) or any other armour you might fancy.

Imo, I hardly use Lore of Shadow unless my wizard is level 4 or has some Power Stones for the really demanding spells. Otherwise looks good, but I prefer Death and Fire on the Level 2 Wizards if you don't take Power Stones. You could of course switch one of the Dispel Scrolls with a Power Stone.

I think you need to do something about the infantry in your list, so far they really seem there just to fill up the core choices that you need to have. If you go this way I think having three units of Marauders of 10 will be the best way but Marauders generally work better in big groups unless they are support units (Marauders with flails or great weapons in small units).

My personal choice for Horsemen are with flails and a musician. The ranged attacks they can get never does much for me even if it is now cheap. Never give them a standard, because it will just be easy victory points for the opponent.

The Giant is good if you are lucky, I always upgrade mine to a Mutant Monstrosity because that 5+ save has saved mine several times and the "body slam" it might make once crushed a couple of Blood Knights and the Battle Standard Bearer in the unit.

Bringing in a cannon is not something I'd favour over a Chariot if you can get one, better if you can get two to gain some more heavy hitters in your army.

But if these units are the only ones yo have you might see problem in the battles. You do have two strong units of Knights but the army seems to depend a lot on those to actually crush your opponent along with the dragon, and if these die you can probably expect to go down with them.

I hope you do well with the campaign nevertheless and I wish you good luck!

22-08-2008, 04:39
Ok Thanks for the advice. Since the WD has come out I have struggled - funny enought I had not problems with the old book because of Miniators with great weapons helped a lot.

So List

Choas Lord
Mark slanesh+Dragon+Helm Conquest+Sword Might+Arm Dragan

Exhaulted Champ
Chariot+Mark Khorne+Flail+armour damanation

Sorcer + 2 dispell

Giant +mutant

5 marauder horse

5 Knights command+slanesh+choosen

5 knights command+khorne +warbanner

5 warhounds

3 units of 10 marauders

4 lead blechers

Army Idea

The chariot is there to guard the rear from flyers etc or if none then support the giant.

Giant there to hold a flank if army is immune to terror or run up the middle and terror.

The marauders are simple redirectors and screens

Marauder horse will either flank,hunt warmachines or redirect.

The lead belchers are there for range and damage potential. I hate cannons, which never seem to work and getting 1 small gallaper cannon for a rare seems a waste. The lead belchers move 6 and can put out an average of 24 shots every second turn. And if they have to they can fight. with 18 inch range seems a bargin.

The other options I was think about is dropping Khorne knights and leadbelchers for 2 units of bulls with great weapons. This would make my army similar to my old armies. But I loose the giant who is painted well and looks cool. Otherwise I could drop lead belchers and just get one unit of bulls with great weapons.

I have tried warrors and they just dont cut it. I have never tried chosen but for the points, knight seem much better. Warriors are to slow, cost to much and simply cannot kill enougth. Even though I have painted up 24 really well :( they are what got me into choas. I hope the new book fixes this.

22-08-2008, 04:44
should have added my main opponents causing trouble are

Slanesh Demons
Greater demon has siren+leadership test do nothing+leadership test attach friendly.
3 large units of demonets
some fast demon monster

So 1 unit has a -2 leaderhip banner.
So greater demon runs out and sirens dragon.
Mask powers -d3 leadership
Banner -2 leadership

In combat make a ld -5 - 7 in otherwords 2-4 otherwise I cannot hit and make another otherwise attack friendly/do nothing. So one dead lord.

Next magic to make knight stupid and then hacks everything else apart.

I cant find a way to stop this.

Other armies include vampires. Which are not to bad. It usally comes down to me killing his lord or failing and then loosing.