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English 2000
21-08-2008, 03:32
I played my first game with Empire today , I got a massacre and so far I'm happy with the list. Let me know what you think of this list.

Here is my 1k list

Warrior Priest (general)
Armour of Meteoric Iron
Great Weapon
Additional Hand Weapon

Wizard, LvL 2, Staff of Storing Magic Dice (don't remember the name)

Captain, lance, full plate, shield, barded steed

6 Inner Circle Reiksguard Knights, full command

19 Spearmen, shields, full command
8 Militia (detachment)

10 Handgunners
10 Crossbowmen
5 Handgunners (detachment)


1001 points (my opponent was ok with me being over by 1 (would have dropped a militiaman otherwise)

General game plan with this list is to force the enemy to come to me or get shot up. Initial targets will be fast cav/flyers to keep my shooting safe.
Spears with priest will hold the line (unbreakable prayer helps here)
Knights will counter charge/threaten flanks.

21-08-2008, 04:10
Not a bad list, though it would be better if the Priest and the Captain were to switch places (Priest goes with the knights, captain with the infantry). Hatred is better on Str 6 knight attacks than it is on Str 3 spearmen.

21-08-2008, 06:39
That's a fine list - good choices. A few small notes:

* You cannot have both an extra handwapen and a greatweapon, as far as I know. The greatweapon is the superior choice in almost all circumstances.

* The "staff" on the wizard is the Rod of Power.

* I partially agree with Stinkfoot, although I'd keep the priest on foot - but change the captain to a second priest. Pity he cannot use a lance, but hatred on the knights is very tasty. You'll end up with a unit 7 wide though, which is quite awkward - I'd drop 1 knight. Might be worthwhile giving them a warbanner, too.

* I prefer swordsmen over spears, but to each his or her own. And with a massacr, who would complain? :)

English 2000
21-08-2008, 22:44
I prefer the swordsmen too, but don't have any (yet).
I find that 7 wide works pretty well as I face Orcs, Dryads and Lizzies on a regular basis so I get to smash quite a few.

I wanted to have the 2 priests, only problem is that I'd have to drop the Rod of Power or a Knight to fit him in. The rod is a must have - lets me dominate the magic in 1k. I suppose losing a knight wouldn't be so bad though.

I'll have to pick up a Luthor Huss model and see how it works - he's the only mounted priest model right?

22-08-2008, 02:07
I've a friend who just stuck an infantry priest torso and upper body on knight legs. That worked well, though I don't know if it actually saved any money...

I find 7 knights works pretty well. They can be a bit unwieldy, but the extra staying power is well worth it if you're facing any missile fire (say, from wood elves or skinks).