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21-08-2008, 21:01
Though I'm sure I'm not the first person to point this out, there's no drop-down option for Wood Elves. Discrimination!

Moving on, I'm looking to boost the amount of point of my Wood Elves, adding a couple of units here and there. Currently I play at either 1250 or 1000 points. With the former I'm a little stretched to make the point value, and with the latter I drop my scouts and BSB. Overall it's been fun to play and competitive against the fellows at my store. The 1250 list is below, and I would like the community's advice as to what I should add to it to bring it up to 1500 or 1750 point, and/or whether the point increase should include changes to the characters.

General - Wood Elf Noble
Enchanted Shield, Great Eagle, Hunter's Talon, Spear, Light Armour
164 points

Hero - Wood Elf Noble
Battle Standard, Light Armour, Helm of the Hunt
112 points

Hero - Spellsinger
Dispel Scroll, Dispel Scroll
140 points

Core - Ten Glade Guard, Musician
126 points

Core - Six Scouts
102 points

Core - Five Glade Riders, Musician
129 points

Special - 19 Eternal Guard
Full Command, War Banner
283 points

Special - Four Warhawk Riders, Wind Rider
180 points

TOTAL: 1234 points

Tactical Notes:
Generally I set up with my EG in the center and the Glade Guard on one flank (on a hill if possible) and my glade riders on the other flank. The Eagle and Warhawks go behind the EG, the BSB is with the EG and the spellsinger with the GG. The fliers and glade riders are used to misdirect any flanking efforts by my opponent, forcing them to attack the eternal guard (with their +7 static CR). So, I'm thinking I might want to add a unit of dryads for some counter-punch power as well as more Glade Guard for more arrows. But should I upgrade the spellsinger to level 2? What about wardancers/wild riders? Any advice is appreciated.

21-08-2008, 22:43
I'd probably see whether you could add a unit of dryads (8-10, perhaps with a Branchwraith if you don't mind trusting on dispel dice instead of scrolls) and a unit of wardancers (say, 6 of them - 2 blisters).

I'd also drop the wind rider and just use the model for a regular warhawk rider, if you have the points to spare.

Out of curiosity: why the Helm of the Hunt on the BSB? I agree that a BSB in the Eternal Guard is a beautiful thing, but it's a bit of an odd choice. Personally, I prefer the Amber Pendant.

22-08-2008, 07:05
Wardancers, Wild Riders and Dryads make some of the best combat specialists in any WE army. Treekin can be cool too, but are very expensive and less mobile.

Anyway, taking some heavy hitters would be a great way to expand the army. The Eternal Guard are good for static CR, but many units in the game can butcher a unit of them really quickly. The BSB is especially vulnerable without protection, Helm of the Hunt doesn't cut it. That's better off on the Eagle Noble, or an Alter Noble if you add one later.

Hail of Doom Arrow is also a deadly way to expand your shooting phase on the cheap. The 10 point bow and the HODA is becoming pretty standard on a BSB. The ability to have a devastating stand and shoot reaction or simply shoot the crap out of someone early on is hard to say no to.

23-08-2008, 05:04
If Helm of the Hunt is inadequate BSB protection, what is?

23-08-2008, 08:38
The Amulet I mentioned makes it very unlikely there'll be many models aiming at the BSB in melee. Alternatively, give him a wardsave.