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Like many in this hobby the backround and concept of the army I'm using is usually one of the most driving factors for me when I play. So here's my astartes fluff, I'll keep it short.
Please, oppinions/critisism is always appreciated. I hope that you can bother to read through all this. The point is that it's a kind of "good" astartes chapter that prefer the use of the armoured spearhead.

The Templars of veangence is one of the chapters from the fourth founding. Sent to be placed in the Segmentum Obscurus, where the chaos forces pour out of the Eye of terror on crusade after crusade (although they are placed somewhat north of the eye).

The Templars of veangence is a fourth founding to the Ultramarines chapter.*

The purge of Haven II:
The Chapter was sent to fight the forces of chaos. In M34 during the "purge of Haven II" the chapter came face to face with what would later become their arch nemesis, the renegade marines of the Storm legion. These where not as much a legion as a renegade chapter but still bore the title of "legion" and would forever be the nemesis of the Templars of Vengeance. During M34, the chapter hade been sent to respond to a plead of aid from the "Sons of the storm" chapter (ref, "The Purge of Haven II, The rise of the Saint prothet Ulthus). As the marines arrived they found no signs of the Sons of the storms chapter. However, great Xeno influence was widespread on the planet of Haven II. The space marines landed to seek clues about the sons of the Storms wherabout, and to protect the recently placed Imperial colonies (at current only 4 decades old). However, upon their arrival a great Eldar warhost appeared as from no where. This was one of the most devastating battles in all of the Templars of veangence history, with fully 1/3 of the chapter being wiped out by the precice attack by the eldar. The space marines where able to press home a minor victory, but would recuire time and immediet reacourses to replace their looses. Setting up a base at Haven II The marines instantly started repairing their losses.
however, only weeks after the mighty eldar attack a new threat appeared. Once again, as from nowhere the Space marines of the Sons of the storms chapter now appeared. The Templars of Veangence where displeasesed with the untimely appearance of the chapter. Upon arrival however, the Sons of the storm, now proclaiming themselves as the "Storm legion", began hammering the loyal astartes ships and began sending corrupt astartes down to slaughter the already exhausted forces of the Templars of veangence. During the nightmarish days that followed the Templars where forced to mount a guirrila warfare with fast moving rhinos and razorbacks taking them from one place to another and constantly remaining on the move. The sheer might of the renegade astares and, by the power of a mighty deamon host summoned by them even the super human astartes was pushed to the limit and it seemed the end was near. However, neither one of the sides hade taken the imperial colonists in account during their pitched battle.
During what would have been the last stand of the templars of veangence, at the base of Mount Kvendtop (later remained mount Ulthus), the seemingly endless reinforcments of traitors and daemons was taken a heavy tool, but it was clear who the day would belong to. The battle lasted for three full days, and at this point the space marines where ready to make their final heroic stand and die with all the honour they hade. But as dawn broke a mighty roar was heard. from the west, a huge army made of men and women from the original settlement was gathered. Leading the army was a Ulthurus who would later be named the Saint prothet. Ulthurus was one of the Emperors sons (not literally but in lineage) known as the senseis. He hade forseen the terrible battle and hade travelled the world, brining up an army of faithfull Imperial citisens. The army being armed mostly with crude weaponry and not being well drilled in fighting was instantly considered as no great threat by the forces of chaos. This would indeed have been the case, if not for ulthurus. Roaring out litanies of the Emperor and standing with not much but his faith as a weapon the very precence of chaos was somehow starting to dissapear. Daemons fought hard to remain in real space but for some reasons, the choirs sung by the army as they marched towards the battle made them lose grip of reality. As they appeared Ulthurus lead a charge to the flank of the chaos forces. This was just what the Templars of veangence needed and they launched a counter charge at the now distracted chaos marines. This was enough to break their foes as the prothets army, though poorly eqqupied, seemed to make the resolve of the traitor marines grow dimmer and, after a harsh time fighting, the brutal counter charge of what was left of the Templars of veangence made them route as a whole. In addition, the eldar warhost reappeared in space, this time striking a deep blow to the vessels of the Storm legion, forcing them to retreat. The Battle for Haven II was over and the day belonged to the Imperium.
During the aftermath of the battle the space marines where required to take a long time to tend to their wounds and, during this time, they built their fortress monastery at the base of mount Ulthurus. It wouldn't be untill M35 that the chapter was back to full fighting power. Even then the number of battle brothers (though to the damadge to the number of gene seeds) hase been reduced making the chapter use approximately 850-900 battle brothers. This is however evened out by their unusually high number of tanks and thunderhawks.

-more battles comming up- ex: "The Battle for Rexxar IV and the awakening of the sleeping ones".

Rites and rituals.
The Space marines of the Templars of veangence fortress monastery lie in the centre of the planets capital city. In the beggining, it hade been argued against this but the fact the the imperial citizens where what hade won the great battle at mount Ulthurus finally weighted against this and the citizens who hade marched to war hade from that day forward built their homes at the astartes HQ. Now, the proud city beneath Mount Ulthurus is large and widespread, with chapell, churches and shrines that makes pilgrims travel from all over the segmentum to se it. Indeed, the fortress of the Templars of veangence is one of the few who are open to pilgrims to enter though they are all kept at the outer sanctum. Most of the people in the city are the decandance of those who participated in the final battle during the "purging of Haven II".
The Templars of veangence have, in time, become greatly influenced by the Prothets words and have therfore doubbled the free time of each days daily rituals. Making it a total of 30minutes. In this time, the Astartes are allowed to enter the city beneath them and spend the time there, where they are supposed to se and understand what they fight and must keep fighting to protect. Note that the Templars of veangence fight not as much for the destruction of their foes as for the protection of the imperium. Indeed, one of the rites of initination is to send the neophyne down to the city and let him spend a ammount of time there. when he comes back he is asked the question of what he hase experienced and for what he fights for. Depending on the answer he may either be elected to battle brother, be accepted in the special force known as the "Company of faith" where he will fight in black power armour untill he realises his own personal answer, whatever it may be. Also, in worst case cenarios, he is returned to the scout company.

Prefered fighting style.
During time the use of the Armoured spearhead hase become the most favoured fighting condition of the templars of veangence. Relying heavly on surgical strikes they make up for their slightly lower number of battle brothers (following the extremely high losses after the "Purge of Haven II") with their superior number of tanks and transports, and are frequently aided by thunderhawks in whatever battle they fight. Due to the fact that they prefer the use of armoured fighting veichles they rarely use drop pods and are espesially adept at fighting with their feets on the ground in conditions wherever their tanks and fast hitting battle spearheads can do the most damadge.
In addition, the Templars of veangence are rarely seen without terminator support, as with the low number of battle brothers the hard-to-kill elites are required to fight wherever it's possible (even more so than other chapters altough, once a terminator armour is given the space marine is suposed to be a examplary of the chapter).

Note, all these facts reflect my own prefered style of gaming. Using lots of tanks and few marines, usually facing Chaos space marines and eldar and such.
Critisism and oppinions are welcome, if you can be bothered to read through all this.

*My space marines where originally ultramarines but then I decided to change the coulour (balck shoulder pads and red helmets) and make my own chapter. So they are literally succesors to the ultramarines.

Traits: Cleanse and purify.
Drawback: Die standing.

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I like the background but I don't know if making them 2nd founding will work if you want to stay true to fluff as I think all the Ultramarine 2nd foundings have been named, may be better to go to 3rd founding.

Col. Tartleton
22-08-2008, 01:59
nope i think like half were named there are 23 second founding UM and like 10-15 named as 2nd and several others hinted at IIRC. Theres always room for another... But third would be preferable as to be different. OR 4th if you really want to be different.

22-08-2008, 20:15
Col. Tartleton is correct..only some of the 23 where named. Can only agree with the 3rd or 4th founding, but depends on how old you want your chapter to be :D

25-08-2008, 15:17
Thanks for the quotes^^.
So now I changed it to the fourth founding. It's not new (hence it got seated in M 34) but it's defenetly a few thousand years after the HH.

If anyone hase noticed the chapter would seem more like a combination of the Salamanders (they are a "nice" chapter, in whatever sence that makes in the year 40.000 where everyones evil anyway), Raven guards ("Surgical raids") and Ultramarines than anythin else.

So.... Critisism/Suggesions? Any ideas will be appreciated.