View Full Version : Attempt 1 at 1000pts of High elves army list

21-08-2008, 23:44

- Dragon Armour and Shield
- Elven Steed with Ithilmar Barding
- Pure of Heart
- Reaver Bow

- Level 2
- Channeller
- Silver Wand
- Ring of Fury

Core Units

Archers x10

Silver Helms x5
- Musician
- All Heavy Armour and Sheilds

Special Units

5 Dragon Princes
- Musician
- Standard Bearer

Tiranoc Chariot x2

Rare Units

Great Eagle x2

As the title says this is my first attempt at High elves. it comes to about 984 points i believe if i added correctly. any suggestions would be appricated.

22-08-2008, 17:31
is this using the old HE book?
becausepoints and unit choices are different etc

23-08-2008, 19:18
just realized now that yes it the old version. i borrowed the book from a friend and he said it was the newest one bus i guess that was incorrect