View Full Version : New DE V.S. Empire Tatica. Any suggestions?

Melikai Of IronFrost
22-08-2008, 03:23
Now the the druchiis have aquired a new AB. I was wondering if anyone has battle empire. Also I would like some tips for battling against them for an up and comming game.

22-08-2008, 03:27
Its simple. use a hag and use witch brew and see him watch in horror as he doesnt get a flank and outnumber :D

THen add in a BSB with a always strike first banner in something you like.

One thing I want to try is have a champion take the 1+ armour save and go around challenging people :P "Your strength 5? Oh I'll just roll my 3+ armour save."

22-08-2008, 03:34
Depends on the Empire setup.

1) The Double Steam Tank/War Alter combo

Actually rather easy to counter for DE.. just place 4 RBTs and snipe the Tanks.. he either takes some shots on the chin and reduces their effectiveness to next to nothing or he hides them which pretty much takes them out of the game.
The Altar can be crushed by an Assassin with Rending Stars and Strength Potion or by a Dreadlord with Strength Potion or Caledors Bane.

Artillery can be neatly defeated by swarms of Harpies (say 3x5 or even more).

2) The Infantry List

You have better infantry for nearly the same points costs (Spearmen), you are way faster and some units hit much harder than the Imperium. Just remember to occupy the detachments so you don't get countercharged.

3) The Cavalry List

A bit trickier due to their high movement but then they will be a small army and you are still as mobile as him. Either lure, evade and counterattack or shoot him to death.

Basically you outclass Empire in any troop choice (save warmachines maybe) but you have to know when to strike what in which order to reduce his team tactics.