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22-08-2008, 09:18
Going into a tornament 2250 no specials

I considering two lists (main oponents Tz Demons & undead)

Choas Lord Dragon+slanesh+Helm Conquest+Sword Might+Ar Dagan +shield

Exhaulted Chariot+Khorne+Flail+Ar Damanation

Sorcer +2 Dispel

Giant +Mutant

5 Knights +command +slanesh +choosen

5 Knights +command +khorne +warbanner

5 warhounds

3 Groups of 10 marauders

5 marauder horseman

4 lead belchers


Exhaulted +Khorne +Helm conquest + great weapon +demonic Mount

Exhaulted +chariot +Khorne + Flail + ar damanation

Sorcer +2 dispel

Giant +mutant

5 Knights as above

5 Knights as above

5 warhounds

3 groups of 10 marauders

5 maruader horse

4 lead belchers

19 warriors +chosen +khorne +shields +great +command

1st army has dragon 2nd army has giant block of chosen choas warriors.

Comments on which would fair better in a tornament.

22-08-2008, 16:11
First of all: wrong forum. This should be in the army lists board. A mod will probably move it, so no worries.

Not sure either of those lists have the magic defense needed for a tourney. Both of them have huge point sinks that can be easily taken out by artillery, the dragon can be stopped by the very popular lore of beasts (especially popular on tzeentch heralds), and fast cav will keep your khornate chosen from doing anything ever.

Go sorcerer-heavy. Take advantage of our awesome magic items (we only have 3ish, so you can fit them all in quite easily). All of our infantry is overpriced, but marauders are less so, so take them to fill out your core, grab some warhounds for marchblocking and negating ranks, and chariots and spawn for the heavy lifting. Knights are powerful, but I have had limited success with them. One unit of chosen infantry might be worth it, with MoS to prevent fleeing hounds from panicking them.

24-08-2008, 03:34
Don't use many Khorne troops. Don't use a dragon.

Take a bunch of blocks of chaos warriors with the MoN or Tzeentch. bump both of your knight units up to 7-8 each unit. Give the Khorne knights MoT instead of Khorne.

Ok. Let's start out by formatitng some good characters out.

First of all, you will need a good Lord that can fight, lead, and survive well.

Let's use a sample Lord.
First, let's give him the MoT for the ward save.
Then, let's give him a horse for +2 armour save and +3 Movement. Next up, let's give him regeneration with the Crown of everlasting conquest.

For a nasty surprise for enemy characters, lets give him a chaos runeshield, and a flail just in case we want to smash some knights into pieces.


Lord of Chaos: MoT, Flail, Crown of Everlasting Conquest, Chaos Rune Shield, Barded Chaos Steed. 355 points.

Stick him in a foot soldier or knight unit, whatever you choose to do. In a warriors unit if you need leadership for your army badly against an enemy army, in the knights unit if you need to crush someone's flank.

Next, let's get a Champion, since I'm supposing you don't have a BSB model.

Exalted Champion: MoN, Flail. 120 points.

So, for 120 points you have something that can tag-team with your giant to crush or guard a flank and cause leadership checks while you're at it. You can also hide the hero behind the giant if need be.

For Magic Defense, you will need 2 sorcerors if you are playing VC and Tzeentch demons.

Sorceror: 2 Dispel Scrolls. 120 points

Sorceror: 2 Dispel Scrolls. 120 points

Next up, you will need a lot of Chaos Infantry, because no special choices, right?

So, get yourself a 20 man Warrior squad, Nurgle or Slaanesh, Chosen, Full Command, as well as the Khorne unit.

Remember, no specials, so no Chaos Knights, marauder horsemen, or chariots.

Those are some of my suggestions.

24-08-2008, 06:34
By no specials, he meant no special characters.

28-08-2008, 09:57
Ok so I had two trial games using (tornament trial 2250 no special characters)

Lord + Dragon + Flail + helm of con + tez Eye
Exhaulted on chariot + flail + armour dargan +khorne
lev 1 sorcer + 2 dispel

3 * 10 mauraders
5 hounds
5 chosen slanesh knights
5 Khorne knights + warbanner
5 Maruader horse + spear

4 lead belchers
1 giant + mutant

Both games against high elves and his army is the best painted army I have seen. He used an army using crodile games spartins with conversions. Amazing.

He had

2 units of 20 spears
20 guys with 4+ ward
10 dragon knights.
2 lion chariots
2 eagles

Lord with armour that teleports him every wound (WTF) and amulet that rerolls all 1s etc once doing a wound to him and GW.

Hero with reollable 1+ save, 4+ward and something else (BSB)

Level 2 wizard pick own spells
Level 2 wizard something else

Had a banner that gives +d3 power dice.

Game 1

Quick Summary

I played badly he played well. I go slaughtered by turn 3. Highlights I charge with Lord (dragon) and fast cav into his unit with 4+ ward save and did 1 wound. In hind sight really stupid. I run and they catch fast cav (gave him easy kills which is why I lost Doh!) and dragon gets away. In his turn his lord teleports 18 inches with spell and kills my dragon. Giant gets killed to some spell that requires a INI roll or die cost on double 6. Chosen knight stopped moving through another spell bears cowers 2 turns in a row with double 6's :(. Lead belchers do well getting 10 wounds on a chariot.

Game 2

I learn't soem things about setup.

Setup covers eagles insertions and I move into position as apposed to rushing forward. Lead belchers kill a chariot. Fast cav kills 1 eagle.

His lord teletports into my dragon and is killed but armour teleports him out before second wound. He takes 1 wound from an amulet he used and he teleports directly behind my army able to charge every thing. Dragon gets charge off on side of dragon price cav and kills 1 WTF (after this point I swap my dice). Draw he has muso so I lose. 9 or less roll 11 and flee into a building - dead dragon. My mage cast crown of Tarian or something (1d6 str 4 hits within 12inch) to kill his eagle. I roll 6 wounds on choosen knights saves made, 5 wounds on khorne knights and 2*1 saves doh!. Eagle 1 wound which fails to wound arrrrrrggggg.

In the end my knights cut through his spear units through good moving of marauders and charges of knights. Kill half his 4+ward and half his knights. Both eagles go down and his lord. I kill 1 wizard and its a majour victory for me. Not getting irresitable force spells (2*bear cowers and ini or dir) really helped.


In general I think the army will do well.

Giant has done nothing and I cant see it being worth the points. But as its painted I am going to keep him for the tornament. I might eventually swap him out for some orge brutes. Or what ever the new book brings.

The leadbelchers ROCK and give me some range kick I really needed. They also let me really hurt any unit in preperation for a knight charge when you really need a break through. In addition they also do well in combat.

Marauders must be used for redirection for the army to work

Hounds do very little so screening or threatening warmachines.

My magic defence is weak but I cannot boost it without loosing a character.

The chariot hero is great rear protector and late game attack. And if the chaiot dies he pops out and jumps into a unit or continues to cover rear. % str 7 attacks on the charge is a surprise for anyone :) I could swap and put him on a horse which would leave me about 100 point spare to upgrade a maruader unit to choas warriors?

Any comments.

I have heard the main two main players are taking high eleves and there is atleast 2 vampire armies. Sould be about 30 people attending.

Any advice.

Oh and I need to learn how to use a lord on a dragon. I would consider dropping the dragon for lord on horse but I butchered the only mounted lord figure to convert the dragon and I am now waiting for the new models to come out in October so I dont have a mounted lord I can use.

The only other lord choise I have is a demon prince or lord on foot.