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Paul Nexus
22-08-2008, 09:29
I'm sure we all knowabout the Necrontyr, the Old Ones and the creation of the Eldar. The Eldar still refer to the Necrons as ancient enemies. What I am wondering is if Dark Eldar concern themselves in any way? If they came acros Necrons during a raid would they acknowledge them as ancient enemies of their race still?

22-08-2008, 09:37
I think it would be the same as with the regular Eldar: it's all really just old legends to them. They have to accept that:
-the Necrons really exist and are not nursery tales
-the Necrons really are awakening and becoming active and not sleeping and guarding tombs
-the Necrons are a sizeable threat, not just one of the thousands of "nuissance class" alien races

The same applies to all the other races, too. Remember, except for a few inquisitors who have met them recently, the Necrontyr are only a bookmark in Eldar mythology, which is in turn not general reading.

22-08-2008, 09:45
It's not like any who are alive met them before their slumber; Asdrubael Vect is the oldest Dark Eldar, and he was a young child at the time of the Fall. But I'm sure they retain some knowledge of them.

The Dark Eldar might acknowledge them as a threat to their source of prey, but no one is really a threat to their survival besides Daemons, maybe, because supposedly Commoragh is impossible to locate without Dark Eldar help.

22-08-2008, 14:00
Dark Eldar were responsible in the first place for awakening the Nightbringer deliberately. Yes, 3rd and 4th edition DE were that stupid.

Perhaps the DE in future novels and in the upcoming rulebook will be less retarded.

Chaos Undecided
22-08-2008, 15:10
If anything the Necrons are probably viewed as competition by the Dark Eldar they are after all pretty much after the same resources and it would probably be the main situation where the two races would come to blows raiding the same planet/hive etc.

They quite probably consider themselves safe from the Necrons being hidden in the Webway and theres no profit in them attacking a tomb world because theres nothing for them to gain from it.

22-08-2008, 15:23
Sure there is. Ancient super-technology even more advanced than what all Eldar-kind currently has. In fact, the very reason why the dumb Dark Eldar in the Uriel Ventris-novels awakened the Nightbringer in the first place was to get his hands on the super-advanced necron thingies. Of course, the outcome was that the Nightbringer turned the stupid DE Lord into dust.

22-08-2008, 17:39
Would the webway be safe? what happens when to it when the great work is finished?

22-08-2008, 18:12
My guess is, that even Dark Eldar won't trust a race that wants to destroy all life. So Necrons are an enemy, no matter how old. And Necrons will probably not distinguish between the different cultural fractions of their arch-enemy.

heretics bane
22-08-2008, 19:36
Yeah id be under the impression the Necron threat is a threat to everyone

24-08-2008, 03:32
My guess is, that even Dark Eldar won't trust a race that wants to destroy all life.

Dark Eldar don't trust anybody, not even.... ESPECIALLY not even other Dark Eldar ;)

Just check the allies matrix at the back of the apocalypse rulebook

24-08-2008, 07:09
My impression from Soulstorm is that the Dark Eldar view killing Necrons as a chore - something that NEEDS to be done, but without all the fun that usually accompanies conquest like slaves and the opportunity to inflict suffering.

24-08-2008, 07:24
well I wouldnt really take anything from soulstorm as cannon

24-08-2008, 12:35
I don't really see why not -AFAIK it is the only comment on the relationship between the Necrons and Dark Eldar.

Simon Sez
24-08-2008, 15:26
even Dark Eldar won't trust a race that wants to destroy all life.The Necrons do not wish to destroy all life (though that was their overriding urge when they accepted the C'Tans proposal) instead the Star Gods desire the capitulation of the Universe, the closure of the material realm from the Immaterium, and to harvest races like pigs or cows.

I'm not sure the impact the C'Tans "Great Plan" would have on the Webway; seeing as it is seperate from the Warp proper, dependant on this the Dark Eldar might have reason to remain beyond the conflict, continuing their slave-raids as normal. It really boils down for me, do the Dark Eldar fancy their chances better against a world of fighting Imperials, or a world of Necron-guarded broken humans?