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22-08-2008, 14:38
Yep new and improved from suggestions from here and tau online (maybe druchii.net not sure) anyways onto the list
-Sea Dragon Cloak
-Cold One
-Whip of Ahony
-Pendant of Khaeleth
-Armour of Eternal Servitude
Now with the whip he gets armour piercing as well as strength 5, so should be dangourous and can take a pounding......if only he could have heart of woe as well.......*sigh*
-Lvl 2
-Seal of Ghrond
My main dispeller......
-Lvl 2
-Power Stome
-Darkstar Cloak
My main caster.....er well okay, they will both try and cast so yeah.....
-Heavy Armour
-Sea Dragon Cloak
-Great Weapon
-Standard of Hag Graef
Ok goes with corsairs and gives them some high strength punch when assassin isn't hidden within them......and yeah wont run out cause of frenzy
20 Corsairs
-Full Command
-Banner of Murder
My main block, should do alright with the bsb in there....and maybe assassin, who know's where he'll be
10 Repeater Crossbowmen
10 Repeater Crossbowmen
Mainly for shooting stuff, but can do something in combat thanks to the parry bonus (is that what it's called?)
5 Harpies
5 Harpies
Well so I can say 'Fly my pretties' and cackle......that or warmachine hunt, harass and annoy...
-Additional Hand Weapon
-Rune of Khaine
-Man Bane
-Cry of War
Well.......he will be somewhere and should make a mess of whatever he attacks....
5 Shades
-Great Weapons
Hunt warmachines and hassle things with thier great weapons......
5 Cold One Knights
-Full command
-Standard of slaughter
-Null Tailsmen
Null Tailsmen should help with un-wanted spell attention, and the standard should help to ensure whatever I hit, breaks. Dreadlord should help with stupidity....
War Hydra
Eh I like him....


So, what do you all think?

22-08-2008, 14:56
i dont play de, but iŽve already fought against the new ones (i play tk and i suppose iŽll never see a new book of mine).
anyway, iŽd definitly try to get a musican in every unit that can get one, the xbow guys e.g. this way, you have a shooty unit that can be used for a nice flank charge, can redirect charges and can block charge lanes by choosing to flee and rally more easily. iŽd also think about swapping a harpy unit for dark riders (but iŽdonŽt know their costs ^^)