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22-08-2008, 16:40
The Fall of Dorbeausburg

The sorcerer left a finger, testing the winds of magic, and grinned. The signs were there, it was all going to happen again. He turned to face the four towers raised in the middle of Dorbeausburg. The city had fell to the servants of the Ruinous Powers during the chaos incursion led by the Everchosen, and even his failings did not allow for the city to be returned to the followers of the false god. There was something interesting about that small city in the north of the Empire, a bit off the main routes between the south and Kislev, that attracted him. The configuration of the towers, for some reason, had seemed to attract the winds of magic and keep them beneath their shadows. The sorcerer had taken upon himself to capture the city, examine the phenomenon, and make good use of it. He had discovered ancient glyphs carved into the cornerstones, hidden to most eyes but his own, probably the legacy of some old cult. Some adjustments and spells had turned the complex into a powerful vortex of energies.
But it had also brought about a more annoying problem. When the jade winds became stronger, and overflowed around the central tower, the wild creatures of the area seemed to go wild, left the forests and mountains nearby, and attacked the towers. And this time, it was, quite litteraly, a storm of jade energy that was sucked into the vortex created by the towers.
The sorcerer slowly turned towards his army, some tinkling in his neck warning him that, this time, things might be tricky to handle.

Why, how?

Well, a friend of mine is going to get married, so we did that thing we call "enterrement de vie de jeune garçon" (don't know the name in english, but I suppose most countries do the same? Before the wedding, the soon-to-be-condemn-her, married guy spends a day with all his male friends doing silly things like vomiting after trying out acrobatic fligth. The soon-to-be-wife does the same with her female friends), and, well, it all ended during the night, I came back home moderately drunk with my chaos player of a friend, who was quite imbibated with alcool too. So, being the greatest geeks before the eternal, we decided to duck it out with a commemorative battle, the battle of "we do what we want and -censored- the list restrictions. So I had to strain my rather tired and foggy mind and come up with a scenery that would make it fun, and not just silly. And I came up with "the Fall of Dorbeausburg", a battle with objectives that kinds of respect nothing, and is pack full with silly and unfair house rules, but hopefuly, fun to play. Up to you to judge if I managed it or not.

The armies:
A horde of monsters
A chaos army with probably more ogres than chaos fighters in it

The objectives: the monsters must destroy the three towers in the center of the city, and the chaos army must protect said buildings. Simple, no?

Each tower has 3 wounds, and, no matter what, can only lose one on a roll of a 6. Melee attacks autohit, ranged attacks, well, I only had one, and forgot about it until I lost it, so we never even thought about it.

The armies in detail:

The chaos army of doom in no particular order (I'll try and read that list... wooo, drunken handwritting-fu ><)

*11 chaos warriors, undivided
*24 marauders
*a chaos warrior charriot
*6 chaos knights, undivided
*2 spawns
*1 giant
*5 mounted marauders
*3 chaos ogres
*2 leadbelchers
*another 2 leadbelchers
*4 ironguts
*another 4 ironguts
*a sorcerer lord, lvl4, no magic item iirc
*a butcher
*a chaos champion, BSB with banner of "I shoot bolts at you" (don't remember the name, banner of wrath?)
*an exalted champion
*and another exalted champion, mounted

Special rule: can take 20% more points than the monster army (or something, or math skills were not at their best). I suspect he took no magic items coz he would forget them anyway :p
There's probably the banner of war somewhere, too.
The general is the sorcerer.

Total: 2853 points (who likes round numbers anyway)?

The monster army of even more doom and its fiesta of special rules

Rule 1: ignore the bretonian on top of the hypogryph, you do not see him, he is not there.
Rule 2: it came in half battle but anyway. Monsters that are normaly mounts, if they break from a fight, are removed, they just fly away.
Rule 3: trolls are skirmishers. Yup.
Rule 4: dissipation. Each stone troll unit not only has its MR, but adds one dice to the dispel pool. An irresistible dispel bumps the spell back to the chaos player. Stone troll units lost do not generate dispell dies anymore, of course.
Rule 5: the troll lord, the giant and the giant troll can all lend their Ld as if they all were generals (otherwise the army wouldn't move much)
The rest is in the army list itself:

*1 Troll lord: it's, in effect, an ogre tyrant with great weapon, stupidity and regeneration. Costs 50 points more than a regular tyrant, cannot take magic items
*2 troll guards: stone trolls with heavy armour for an effective 3+ save. Don't remember how much we added to their price, 4 points each I think.
*3 stone trolls with heavy weapons
*4 river trolls with heavy weapons
*3 stone trolls
*3 stone trolls
*1 wyvern
*1 chimera - used 5th edition rules, nasty beast
*1 giant scorpion - used the 5th edition rules
*1 gigantic spider (O&G rules 7th edition)
*1 giant
*1 giant troll - basically, a giant with stupidity and regen. Costs 50 points more than a normal giant.
*1 hyppogriph
*5 wild squigs - no animosity, but on a double for their movement they move in a random direction with scatter dice
*6 more wild squigs

Total: 2521

the armies, and the one guilty for all this sillyness in the middle:

And now, the battle! (it was about 4AM, btw)
It didn't occur to me that I could take shots from a better angle, so you probably can't see much, sorry, spare me ^^

The chaos army deployed in the city, middle of the battleground, and I deployed on the two borders at each end of the bed.

It seemed logical that I should get the first turn, so I did.

Turn 1, monsters

Not much to say for that first turn, my whole "army" moved forward, excepted one of the squig units that tried to get off the table, and the river trolls who decided to be stupid, regardless of the Ld10 granted by the giant nearby. That's it.

Turn 1, chaos

The chaos knights charged my giant troll, the rest of the army either moves forward towards the side with the troll lord and the squigs, or consolidates around the towers (giant, chaos warriors).
The chaos player spills his beer, little break to clean the mess.
The chaos sorcerer casts a couple spells (death magic, btw), which are both dispelled.
The leadbelchers on top of one of the towers shoot at the chimera,, getting 8 shots for one and a misfire for the other, dealing one wound to the chimera and two to themselves.
In melee, things get funny. The knights suffer from the rubber lance syndrom and deal zero wounds, I didn't even get to try the regen I paid 50 points for :p The giant troll raises his stone, wounds 6 (yeah, got a 6 with the club attack), kills 4! The courageaous knights stand firm, though.

Turn 2, monsters

The chimera charges the chaos warriors, and the wyvern charges the chaos charriot (I though that was a smart move...). The Troll lord and his two armored trolls charge a unit of trolls protected behind a small wall, the trolls with great weapons charge the closest spawn on the other side of the battle. Everything deceides to stand, excepted the charriot, which fless from terror. Rerolls are useless, I tell you :p ( the wyvern doesn't get it though, and it's a damn shame). One of the squig units go way farther than expected and run into the mounted marauders (flank charge).
No ranged attacks (forgot the breath attack of the chimera), so melee.
Once again, the knights fail to wound anything. On the other hand, the giant troll decides to jump up and down, I roll a 12, after randomising between the two minis (standard bearer and exalted champ), they're both flattenened to death, her... a few times. That banner of lghtning pain didn't even get lighted once :p
The trolls with great weapons deal two wounds to the spawn, and suffer nothing in return (very bad dies there, really).
The chimera eats six chaos warriors (my rolls are as good as the chaos player ones are bad), and suffers one wound in return, but the chaos warriors are stubborn and do not break. The troll lord and his pals deal 4 wounds to the ogres, and suffer none in return (3 wounds, all regenerated lol). Poor ogres break, flee and are overrun. The squigs kill two marauders, who flee and are overrun, iirc.

At this point, the battle looks like that:

Turn 2, chaos

The chaos giant charges the chimera, the ironguts charge the troll lord unit, the big fat marauder unit charges the stone trolls in front of them. Oh, and the charriot rallied.

The sorcerer raised his staff, and casts some AOE spell (life drain or something). It wounds the hypogriph once, fails to do anything to the stone trolls nearby, and the others renegerate the only wound they suffer from. It also kills a squig in one unit and two in the other.

During the shooting sequence, the second leadbelcher unit shoots at the hypogriph, getting 6 shots and a misfire. The horse/eagle/lion thing takes two wounds, but the leadbelchers take nothing.

In melee, the combat between the spawns and the stone trolls with great weapons ends after the spawn deals two wounds and takes 4 in return. The stupid giant decides to headbut my chimera >< The chaos warriors and their champion do rather poorly, dealing only two more wounds, but that's enough and the chimera leaves the battleground with a furious howl and only one wound left. On the other side of the city, the ironguts deal 4 wounds to the troll lord, who regenerates 3. The ogres then lose 5 wounds to the retaliating trolls, lose the combat, but stand because they had toothbreaker on them. The fight between the stone trolls and the marauders doesn't go so well: the maraudeurs inflict 4 wounds (1 renegenerated) but lose only 3 of them. The trolls break, run into a building, followed by the marauders who also end ito said building (but they don't die, of course).
At this point, it looks like that:
Well, excepted that the marauders shouldn't be there, they should be in the house in front of them.

Turn 3, monsters.

The great weapon trolls charge the other spawn (who fell 1" short of them in the previous turn, btw), the wyvern charges the charriot again, the giant spider charges the giant (don't ask), and the hypogriph engages the first tower. The squigs that looked to be in range of the tower too decided to go... after the marauders in the house nearby, instead (hargh! they went straight to them, annoying, but, in retrospect, it was totally in character with the things, they're more interested in the building with a snack inside).

In my magic phase, I dissipate toothbreaker on the ironguts.

Combat: with little surprise, the squigs are wiped out by the marauders. The ironguts don't manage a single wound against the troll lord who break them, and overrun into the tower behind the ogres. The fight between the wyvern and the charriot is a stalemate, zero wounds on both accounts (wyverns are surprisingly weak w/o a warlord on them ><). The giant crunches the giant spider as if it was not there, but the great weapon trolls do the same to the spawn and run a bit forward. The hypogiph doesn't manage to wound the tower.

Turn 3, chaos

The marauders left their house, the chaos warriors went north to face the great weapon trolls, and that's pretty much it for movements.

During the magic phase, toothcracker was cast again, death hand or something was dispelled, and the last psell resulted in a fiasco, but didn't do any harm.

During the shooting phase, the leadbelchers that had reloeaded shot at the great weapon trolls, getting eight shots but wounding once, wound regenerated of course.

Combat: the wyvern didn't wound, took two in return, but held fast. And that's it.

Turn 4, monsters

The trolls with great weapons charged the tower, the giant charged the chaos giant, the troll lord, diregarding the threat of the larauders (I thought they'd be out of range) charged the tower against which the hypogriph was already scratching its fangs, the giant scorpion charged the southern tower near the wyvern, and the river trolls charged the irongut unit with the butcher.

I dispelled toothcracker in my magic phase.

Combat: My giant yelled, won the combat, but the chaos giant stood stubbornly there, rubbing his ears. The river trolls dealt 5 wounds, took 7 (forgot the -1 to hit), regenerated 2 wounds, but lost and fled because of outnumber. The wyvern and the charriot's duel ended in a draw again, each unable to wound the opponent. The Troll Lord destroyed the tower in one go (the leadbelchers up there on the tower fell to their death)! The overun didn't go far, though, because the hypogriph was in the way, and the marauders were still a bit too close, I realised. The scorpion managed to deal a wound to its own tower, and the great weapon trolls managed to deal two wounds to the remaining tower. This was going well.

Turn 4, chaos

the maraudeurs charged the troll lord, as expected (flank charge...) and the chaos warriors charged the stone trolls with great weapons (flank charge too... ouch, that was a sad miscalculation).

At this point, it looked like that:

During the magic phase, the butcher tried to panic the giant troll, but he rolled 10 on his Ld test. Death hand was successfuly casted against the hypogriph, but didn't wound, and I dispelled the last spell, death wind or something.
The leadbelchers (who should have been in the process of reloading, now that I think of it, but nevermind) shot at the giant troll, getting 12 shots, wounding only twice, one of the wounds being regenerated.

Combat: the chaos warriors (nooo, hush!!!) raised their weapons (stop!!!!) to kill the trolls with great weapons (NOOOO STOP!!!!), but their forgot to unsheath their weapons it seems, even the exalted champion botched all his attacks, I didn't even get to regenerate anything (lol). The trolls then raised their great weapons and struck the tower, which crumbled (four 6), sending the two last leadblechers to their doom. On the other end of the battlefield, the marauders inflicted only one wound to the trolls, the only one in contact killed one in return before they all fled and get overrun.

And finally, it looked like that:


At this point, we realised that:
1) It was close, but my hypogryph would charge the last tower next turn
2) him and the scorpion was free to hit the towers for at least two more turns
3) Everytime I rolled dies, I got bucketloads of 6.
4) It was 6.47AM

So the chaos player conceded, with a huge smile.
For we both had a blast, it was grand, even if the battle report doesn't show it. We should have put a 6 turns limit, but it would have been the same result anyway. Btw, I bow to my friend. With the abysmal luck he got, and the incredible rolls I had, he could have been slightly annoyed, but no, he took it all very well. Kuddos! With more average dice rolls on both sides, I'm pretty sure things would have been much harder for me.

The chaos sorcerer was running as fast as he could, ignoring the cries of his warriors left behind. The sounds of crumblings and furious howls resonated in the valley. When he deemed he had gotten far enough, and that he was sure no drooling beast was running after him, he turned to look at the disaster, shuddering. His ogres and warriors were falling prey to monsters in every street of the city. The gigantic troll that had stepped on his powerful knights as if they were but mere ants was hurling huge chuncks of rock at his chaos warriors. His own giant, dumbfounded, was wrestling with his feral brother, neither seemingly able to get the upper hand. His marauders were running in the streets, falling one after the other to the rampaging squigs that jumped out of dark windows or from the top of buildings. On the ground, the carcasses of seemingly dead trolls, left alone, were starting to move again. These fiendish creatures were never really dead unless you dealt with the remains properly, he thought.
A huge tremor drew his attention. A monstruous hypogriph, working in unatural unison with an enormous scorpion, as big as the charriot that was running away from a bleeding wyvern, was flaying against the walls of the last tower standing. A huge block of rock, picked up by the giant troll from the remains of one of the two other towers, crashed into the face of the ogre butcher and, carried by its own momentum, broke into the base of the remaining tower, ruining its foundations. Rocks and splinters flew in every direction, and the tower started looming like a curious beast over the ironguts, busy studying the remains of their barbaric sorcerer. The tower slowly fell on them and crushed them under tons of rocks. At the same time, the vortex broke. The sorcerer observed the trapped winds of magic, which stopped whirling in a regular spiral. Instead, they seemed to gather in one point, ever smaller, ever more dense. Then the vortex exploded. A wave of power the likes he had never seen before engulfed the remains of the three towers. The expension of arcanic energies then increased at a tremendous speed, swallowing the remains of his army, and burning in an instant the monsters gathered in the ruins of the city. The giant scorpion, the creature closest to him, turned black in a split second, then burst into a cloud of black ashes. But the relentless wave did not stop. It expended and expended, visibly slowing, but still too fast for the sorcerer to run away. He opened the mouth to scream a curse to his gods, but even sound was too slow compared to the wrath of the released winds of magic. In an instant, the sorcerer died, his body engulfed by the fiery blaze, his voice swallowed by the thunderous crack of the colossal blast.

Dwarf Runelord 45
25-08-2008, 03:12
A good drunkish battle report, fun to read, and you rolled an amazing amount of 6's in that battle. I believe the American version of enterrement de vie de jeune garçon is a bachelor's party :D.

25-08-2008, 16:23
Thanks, I learned something new :) And yeah, my rolls were crazy (excepted with that useless wyvern). Shame it's actually pretty rare with me, my luck is usually subpar >>

28-08-2008, 02:38
Kind of fun to see a creative and new battle. Very cool report.