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22-08-2008, 17:27
This is my first try at a Fantasy army. Tell me what you think.

Empire Army List

Captain of the Empire w/Sword of Battle, full armor, shield, barded warhorse, and Talisman of Protection
Points- 104

Level 2 Battle Wizard w/ Wizardís Staff
Points- 110

10 Handgunners w/full command
Points- 100

20 Swordsmen w/full command
Points- 145

10 Halberdiers
Points- 50

10 Spearmen
Points- 50

8 Knights w/lances, full command, and Banner of Duty
Points- 234

5 Pistoliers w/Musician and outrider
Points- 104

Great Cannon
Points- 100

22-08-2008, 22:22
I'll try and go over it point by point.

* The captain is mostly fine. I'd stick with a lance, though - much cheaper. Perhaps use those points to upgrade the Talisman to an Icon of Magnus? Alternatively, change him to a Warrior Priest - his prayer will increase the chance that your wizard gets a spell through, and although you'll lose an attack and WS off your hero, you gain hatred for the whole unit and a dispel die.

* The Wizard's Staff isn't as good as the Rod of Power, which I heartily recommend.

* Handgunners don't need command - it's even a drawback, since the banner can be captured for 100 VP to your opponent.

*The swordsmen are fine. Are the two 10-man units below it detachments? If so, I would change the spears to archers or handgunners.

* 8 knights plus the general makes for a unit of 9, which is horrible - not enough for a rank, and too many to field wide. Cut this to 5 (6 wide with the general). I would prefer the Warbanner on them, myself. If you have the points and enough core choices, consider making them Inner Circle.

* The Pistoliers don't need a champion, although the musician is a very good idea.

* The cannon is perfect :).