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22-08-2008, 18:11
Hey all !

This is my druchii armylist at 1500pts:

(337pts) Master: Manticore, Lance, Sea dragon cloak, heavy armour, Seal of Ghrond (or Dark crossbow), enchanted shield.

(150pts) Sorceress: 2 dispel scroll.

(117pts) 5 Dark riders: RxB, Musician.
(117pts) 5 Dark riders: RxB, Musician.
(110pts) 10 crossbowmens: Shields.
(55pts) 5 Harpies.

(126pts) 7 Shades: Great Weapons
+ (151pts) Assassain: Additional Hand weapon, Rending star, Mandbane.

(159pts) 5 Cold One Knights: Musician, Standard.

(175pts) War Hydra.

Total: 1497pts

It's a guerilla list :D
My sorceress will join my crossbowmens.
My Shades, Assassain, crossbowmens, dark riders (and maybe my master?) shoot on the ennemy units.
After that, I use the high strengh of my CoK, War Hydra, and Manticore, for destroy ennemy units :D

All comments are welcome !

PS 1: Sorry, my English isn't very good...Say me if you don't understand it !
PS 2: I don't know the new name of the dark crossbow, in English :(

22-08-2008, 18:25
I like it!!!!:D

But the assasin I'm not sure if he'd work so good in the Shades unit. (unless you gave him that magic items with the steed of shadows to get to where he's supposed to be)

Your lord might be a little suseptible to shooting so watch out for him. But all in all its looks like a nice list :)