View Full Version : wound vs armor save (Red Fury)

23-08-2008, 08:03
Does it count a wound if you make an armor save? I know this is a bit confusing. let me explain.

Vampire Red Fury ability gives one extra attack when the vampire cause a wound. Does it count as cause a wound if the model made the save? Basically what I'm asking is when does this RF take place?

At first I was against the extra attack if the model made the save because the Vampire did not cause a wound. However, I thought about it some more and actually the Vampire did cause a wound, it was just saved that is all. I can see it both ways now.

I think for only 50pt. I think the mode must fail the save also, if it made the save, then no extra attack.

Edit: nevermind. . . i reread RF, only unsaved wound .. .. the post is moot