View Full Version : Shooting at the Casket of Souls

23-08-2008, 08:29
Under the rules for the CoS, it says that it uses the rules for war machines, so shooting would be randomised between the casket, then the crew, discounting the hits against the casket.

Is the shot from a cannon randomised against the warmachine/crew, or would it 'hit' both the casket and the priest if shot at them. (Any idiot would aim for the the priest, and the preist is behind the casket) The problem is that i can't find anything about this in the BRB.

Anyone care to tell me how this would be worked out? Or a page no. for the rules for this.

23-08-2008, 15:50
This is completely straightforward in the case of skirmishng units and war machines and their crew, in which case any model touched by the line drawn by the bouncing ball is hit.
Cannon rules p.87