View Full Version : 1850 pts VC, tournies possible

23-08-2008, 17:17
Vampire, Ghoulkin, Avatar of Death (Great Weapon) 145
Vampire, Dark Acolyte, Summon Ghouls, Nightshroud, Dispel Scroll 190
Vampire, Infinite Hatred, Sword of Battle, Cadaverous Cuirass, Dispel Scroll 190

19x Ghouls w/ Ghast 160
19x Ghouls w/ Ghast 160
19x Ghouls w/ Ghast 160

20x Grave Guard w/ great weapons, Seneschal, Musician, Standard Bearer w/ Banner of the Barrows 335
20x Grave Guard, Seneschal, Musician, Standard Bearer w/ Royal Standard of Strigos 305

Black Knights x5, Hell Knight, Musician, Standard Bearer w/ Banner of the Dead Legion 205

The Vampires stay in the Ghoul blocks at all times. I'm not sure though if I should drop a block of ghouls and reduce a unit of grave guard to include one of the Vampires. Everything else is pretty self explanatory. I'm not sure if the Black Knights in a group of 5 is a good enough Cavalry Hammer unit though. And I'm really considering dropping one of the Banners to run a Book of Arkhan somewhere.

23-08-2008, 18:57
First of all, 5 knights is fine. Black Knights should hang around the flanks and pounce on anything that engages your line. All they REALLY need to do is break ranks and pursue 3d6 - kills are just a bonus. They don't need the banner though, and it's in fact a liability on support cav.

This army has too many points spent on infantry and not enough on support. Two units of GG is overkill, especially at this point level. I'd drop one of them and take either Wraiths or a Vargulf, plus maybe another cheap unit of black knights.

Your vampires are rather poorly set up. The night shroud is a bad call on your middle vampire, as he doesn't hit hard enough to kill his attackers. The bottom vampire doesn't have nearly enough protection for a fighter (nor does the top vamp, though he isn't as expensive). You don't have enough magic to really cast anything, but you're still blowing points on a caster character. The list goes on...

At this level, if you want to have a strong magic phase you need two caster vampires and the book of Arkhan. The caster vampires can take some magic armor or other protection item to make them decent (but not great) fighting heroes, or they can hang out in a bunker unit in the rear. A third vampire, fighty or magiky, is optional. If you do take a fighting vampire, Dread Knight is almost always a good choice. Even if he stays with the infantry, the armor save is worth the cost. Give him the battle standard, sword of might and infinite hatred are you have yourself a powerful fighter character that has excellent army utility.

23-08-2008, 19:01
The third vampire has 55 points of magic items, better fix that:)

1850 points seems to be a very odd size, but if that's the standard where you play I guess you'll have to stick to that.

4 General comments:

1) You only have 6 PD, not sure if that's gonna be enough with a more or less all infantry army.

2) I assume you're planning to use Ghoulkin to make your free move after deployment. Problem is that your GG will be left a bit behind your ghouls, which could give you a bit of trouble getting them into combat in time.

3) Your best protected Vampire has T4, 2 wounds and 5+ AS. I would strongly suggest getting better protection for all 3 vampires, since they're either fighting or too important to get killed. (I assume you're planning to use the caster as general?)

4) A BSB wouldn't hurt. Your units are likely to be quite close to each other and having a few less crumble will make a big difference with so little magic in the army.