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23-08-2008, 17:24
I'm pretty inexperience with WHFB and I need a simple-ish army to learn to play the game with. I don't want to loose at every game but I need something with a variety so I can learn how to better tactically run my army. Here is what I was thinking of

Vampire, Dark Acolyte, Summon Ghouls, Cadaverous Cuirass 160

10x Ghouls w/ Ghast 88
10x Ghouls w/ Ghast 88

Black Knights, Barding, Hell Knight Musician 164

23-08-2008, 18:47
That cuirass won't do anything on your vampire - a 5+ save isn't enough. I think you'd be better off dropping the ghasts and upgrading to the flayed hauberk.

That said, it's 500 points so it's hard to build an over-powerful list. This list would work fine, I'm sure.

23-08-2008, 21:48
Want an overview on each army?

23-08-2008, 22:16
500pts may be a good idea for most WHFB armys as a starting point.. but.

vampire counts struggle at those levels unless you ignore a couple of rules or two.. well one really and that is vampires must be the general.
but i will come back to that later

first you must take note that vampire count armys come into there own in larger sized games where they can realy bring numbers into the game.
about 2,000pts is what i would call a bare minimum for a decent game with VC for both sides,

second i suggest you try to make a 1000 point list to practice with and not a 500 point list. as VC generals can become fairly expencive and start of expencive you dont really get too much choice in anything special, like grave guard or even a small unit of knights becuse even ghouls and skellies are quite expencive compared to what other armys cheap core units can do.

being that a 8pt skellie cant out combat a 6(7)pt empire man at arms despite being more expencive though the toughness of a ghoul can beat a single empire man at arms, they will lose generally to combat results

a single (bunker) unit of ghouls without ghast is usefull for a vampire guard.

however in smaller games a unit of 20 skellies is what i would take as a bare minimum just so you can deal with other ranked up infentry. spears are usefull but not a must have item.

think about taking a vargulf instead of black knights, just as quick and hits just as hard with the added bonus of a 4+ regen save , and extreamly hard to deal with in smaller games for the low low cost of 175pts, i know its a lot but nessasary in dealing with just about everything except highelfs with great weapons and flaming attacks(beware them high elfs)

on another note
wight kings are just about the best choice for a second character

tough with many wounds give him a enchanted shild and a great weapon and he can deal with just about anything anyone thros at you in a 500pt to 1000pt game, and with the gem of blood he efeectivly has 4 wounds if you roll a 2+, nice eh. only 125 pts and a great combat character that cant be ignored.

well "they" can try to ignore him but will have to deal with him eventually since his high leadership keeps skellies alive long after the general has died.

one more note, try to have fun, experement a bit and ignore people who call you a powergamer when you find out those uber fits, they are there for a reason, becuse even the dread lance fails and zombie spamming creates well, zombies!!! and we all know how useless zombies are except as screening units.


in "fun" (yes i said fun becuse thats what we are here for FUN..) games ignoreing the vampire must be general rule can lead to some very entertaining games, expecially if your up against harry and harry alone or if you want to challange your army around something but dont feel vampire fit in your army.. experement a bit.

i hope i have been enlightnening and i hope you give some of my wise or unwise suggestions a thought. though you can compleatly ignore me if you want becuse its unlikly i will read this again as i only drop by now and then but becuse i felt board i felt like doing an extreamly long post (to my standards)

welcome to WHFB and i hope you are sucessfull in raising your hoard of undead minions up to full strengh to outnumber your enemy