View Full Version : Chariot in multiple CC

23-08-2008, 20:53
X: second enemy unit
Y: first enemy unit
U: First friendly unit
C: Chariot

If C charges into Y and also touchs X because of the way XY deployed , does it mean that C will have 2D6 impact hits (1 for X and 1 for Y)?

thank you for answering my question.

23-08-2008, 21:52
It is not directly mentioned in the rules but I would say that each unit in frontal base contact with the chariot will receive D6(+1) impact hits.

quote RB p 63:
Pursuit charges
In this case, each enemy unit fighting to the front of a charging chariot will suffer D6 impact hits.

This is for a chariot pursuing into an enemy unit and getting charged by other units in the following turn.

Because it does mutiple impact hits in this case, I come to believe it does so do when charging multiple enemy units.