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23-08-2008, 22:28
Just a little experiment to see how a (mostly) pure Khainite list would fare. Obviously, there is no magic in this, a big downer, although the minor amount of shooting and pure combat potential should hopefully overcome this. Have a looksie anyway and tell me what you think:

+Death Hag on a cauldron. (Army General, she mainly does what she says on the tin.
+Death Had BSB with AsF banner, Rune and Cry Of War. (Standard BSB hag that can quite comfortably boost any of my infantry unit's potential to great heights. Cry of war is there for occasional fun.)
+ 2x Assasin with Ext. Hw, rune and KB. (What's better then one assasin? Two! One of them will go in the exec unit along with the BSB to make it utter nails. The other will most likely go in one of the WE units.)

+10 Crossbowmen with Shields. (Bodyguards for the cauldron. Should be able to discourage any would be chargers, or alternativley knock a rank or two of something.)
+2x5 DR with Xbows and Muso. (Standard march blockers and warmachine hunters. March blocking will be the key though so my mostly infantry army will be able to dictate the movement phase.)

+17 Executioners with Champion and Banner. (BSB goes here. With the +1A cauldron bonus and ASF, these guys should mince pretty much anything.)
+2 x 18 WE, with champion, banner, and a Hag with Manbane. (Slightly less potent, but by no means harmless. With stubborn from the cauldron, and an assasin in one of the units, these ladies should be able to mince most opponents after a round or two.)
+6 Shades with GW. (March blockers, warmachine hunters.)

+War Hydra. (Aspect of Khaine? Razz Ideal Flanker/small unit eater.)

On the plus side, this army is potentially fast, hard to shift, and destructive in combat. Of course, there is little magic defence, no magic, mediocre shooting and a preponderance of no armour. I was also considering dropping the shades in favour of 2x5 harpies, what are your thoughts? So, hit me with your critisism! All comments will be welcomed in advance.

Praise be to Khaine!

24-08-2008, 05:47
I had the pleasure of playing against a Khainite themed army last weekend with my wood elves.

The build was similar to yours although used a unit of CoK, 3 units of DR, a large unit of corsairs with the frenzy banner (and no hydra).

The BSB executioner unit was indeed murderous although I was able to take down the BSB which made the unit much less scary. I'm unclear how you protect a death hag BSB. She was killed by 2 RnF wardancers.

Overall, I think your concept is fine and surely very fluffy. I'd think about some hard troops (Cok) in place of the hydra just from a fluff standpoint, but I'm sure the hydra will do a fine job of sewing mayhem.

I was surprised he did not have harpies and if he'd had them the game would probably have gone in his favor as my shooting would not have ravaged his witch elves before they could be effective.

24-08-2008, 11:20
If it can give WE a run for their money then Khainite must be halfway decent :P. I thought this was pretty weak but now you mention it most of the army consists of hard combat troops that will rarely run away. (ld 8-9 stubborn with a re-roll). I've tried to include as many units that can take down shooting early on as I can, so I think your right, i'll drop the shades in favour of a 2x5 harpies setup.

I think the main way to protect your Hags are just to not let them get challenged. In the BSB unit for example there will be a unit champ AND an assasin, so she should be okay for the few turns the combat is likely to last for. I see what you mean about the CoK, but the hydra is just a personal thing for me, because he can move through cover XD.

Which leaves magic...Against heavy armies it will be wholesale slaughter, hingeing on if I can get enough of my models into combat :S. I'm thinking, do I drop out some stuff and buy a token Master to carry the Ring of Hotek? If so, which non-Khainite unit could I put him in?

Thankies, KFPM.

24-08-2008, 15:11
Protect a witch elf BSB? The ASF banner and couldron bonus should let the executioners kill everything in their way.

Id give the assassins man bane instead of killing blow.

Witch elves would do much better with banner of murder IMO.

24-08-2008, 17:13
Any ideas how I get around the ring of hotek problem? Or should I just take a cheap master like I said?

25-08-2008, 07:29
I`dgive the BSB dance of doom instead of those others as the 5+ ward protection is MUCH needed for her.

otherwise V nice!

25-08-2008, 14:09
For WE champions i like rune over manbane better. Since i don't like losing poison attacks with them the +1d3 is the way to go for me. I would also give the WE unit with the assasin the AP banner.

You got a nice list in the theory but skaven and some other armies with shooting AND magic will be a hard foe to face.

26-08-2008, 12:07
Oki Doki, had a little twiddle round with the list to try and make it somewhat more competitive, see what you think.

+Death hag with Cauldron,
+Death hag with rune, bsb and ASF banner.
+Master with dark steed, full mundane armour and a lance, with the ring of hotek.
+Assasin with rune of khaine and touch of death.
+10 crossbowmen.
+2x5 DR with xbows.
+2x5 Harpies.
+17 executioners with champ and banner.
+2 x 12 With elves with a hag that has rune of khaine.
+War Hydra.
+2 Bolt throwers.

Right, got the master in there on a Dark steed in an attempt to get in close and put the ring of hotek to good use. I also managed to fit in 2 bolt throwers to bring my shooting phase up to scratch a little more and to perhaps reduce some of the incoming fire. Dropped the assasin that was supposed to go in the Execs, but they should be alright on thier own. The question is, do I perhaps drop the witch elves in favour for another block of executioners? Or do I just scrap the army alltogether and start something broken like brets XD.


26-08-2008, 15:04
Very nice list, i like it a lot. WE would had been great in a unit of 18 but 12 is nice as well. The DR+Xbows+RBT should take care of enemy support units quickly, harpies are also great at this role.
A second hydra could fit nicely in the army but i would suggest play a couple of games with the list as it is since the RBT are your best choice for dealing with large targets and such.

27-08-2008, 02:22
i would not bring boltthrowers because your army will advance and will not be able to protect them. i'd bring back the 2nd assasin and maybe add the shades back in and boost the WE to units of 14 in a 2x7 formation to maximise attacks.

29-08-2008, 12:19
Right, been a while since I posted. Had a mess around with the list and decided to drop the witch elves full stop. Here's what I came up with now:

+Death Hag on Cauldron.
+Death Hag BSB with ASF banner.
+Master on peggy, with HA, lance, shield and SDC. Carries the Ring of Hotek.
+Assasin with rune, touch and and extra HW.

+ 3 x 5 Dark Riders with Crossbows.
+2 X 5 Harpies.

+17 execs with champ + banner.
+18 Execs with champ + banner and AP banner. (Assasin will go here now)

+War Hydra.
+War Hydra.

Righto, that brings me to a total of 1951 pts. I could perhaps drop the champ + AP banner from the bigger unit and squeese in 5 shades with GW? Or perhapd I should spend the points otherwise.

Oh, and a big thanks to everyone who has been posting help for me, I thought you would have got sick of me by now ^^. *cookies for all*.

"First Pillage, THEN burn"