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23-08-2008, 22:14

many Chaos Marine players are upset that all Greater Daemons have been condensed into a single profile. While its fine in balance, it doesn't really fit the background. So, here are some rules for a Tzeentch Greater Daemon, the Lord of Change.

WS5, BS5, S4, T4, W4, IN5, A5, Ld10, -/4++

Staff of Tzeentch- Counts as a Power Weapon, and allows the bearer to automatically passes all Psychic tests. He knows the 2 powers listed below, and may cast 3 a turn.

Warpfire- Range 18, S4, AP3, Assault 4
Warp Blades- Gives +3 Strength, but strikes last
Barrier of Entropy- Grants a 2+ Armour Save
Rift- Range 24, S9, AP2, Large Blast. You must stay still to fire it, and it scatters 2D6. Can only use once per game.

Farsight- The Chaos player may reroll all Reserve rolls, and the Daemon may reroll all Hits and Wounds in combat.

Avatar of Chaos- The Lord of Change is the epitome of Tzeentch, and His greatest warriors revel in it's prescence. All friendly models within 36" are Fearless, and you may take 2 squads of Tzeentch marked Chosen without using any Elite slots.
It must be summoned next to an Icon.

Eternal Warrior
Monstrous Creature

I think this is a pretty good represention of Tzeentch's best servant, without being a clone of the one in Codex: Daemons. He hits very hard, but is relatively squishy unless he get's his Psychic powers up. He can shoot reasonably well, but as a Greater Daemon he's still better off stabbing them.

Whatcha reckon, is he priced fairly? I'd hate to be unfair to my opponent.

24-08-2008, 04:31
The Lords of Change have never been known for their close combat prowess, so theres no way they would be getting 5 attacks basic. My suggestion, seeing as you have the rule of farsight, make it so that he is equipped with a force weapon. Also, give him all the powers you have listed. I'd suggest reducing the points between about 200 and 220

24-08-2008, 04:51
I prefer the rules from the daemon codex myself.