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23-08-2008, 23:51

in a old white dwarf there was this battle report with a city garrison and its patrol, now i reallly liked the idea of the watchtowers in the north and their garrisons, so i've made up a list, what do you think of it
i'm not sure of the distribution of my magical stuff, any ideas on immproving this list ?
i also have the hydra and a dragon to up it to 2500pts by adding some more coks maybe

extra question: cok are they better in 5-6 or 10 strong untis?
extra question: tournament worthy or rabbit in the headlights?
extra question: hydra or bolt throwers?

Dreadlord : coldone,caledor bane,pendant of khaleth,armor of darkness (to join the cok):265pts

sorceresses : lvl2, dagger,dispell scroll :185pts
sorceresses : lvl2, tome of furion ,dispell scroll : 175pts

5* Dark riders : musician,rxb : 117pts

10* xbowmen : shields,musician : 115pts
10* xbowmen : shields,musician : 115pts

20* spearmen: Full command,shields, assassin : add handw, rune of khaine, black lotus : 296pts

5* harpies : 55pts


5* cold one knights : full command,standard of slaughter : 210pts

15* black guard: full command, standard of hal graef :265pts


2*bolt throwers :200pts

24-08-2008, 04:02
I like the CoK in units of 5-6, they are rather good IMO. And i like the hydra better than the RBT.

You got a nice list going, if use right should be pretty nasty.