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24-08-2008, 02:17
this happen togay in a mach vs breton!

i have a reaper bolt thrower on a hill whit a unit of crosbowmen 1.5 inch in front of them!

opponent declare a charge whit pegasus knight!

crew go on front of the RBT leaving a 0.5 inch between them and crosgowmen!

what happen ? 1: my gentlemen crosbowmen make space for them? 2:the crew pull the RBT back 2 inch? if this is the answer; what happen if they r now more then 20 inch from charger? 3: peg knights make a fail charge and stop 1 inch away from crosbowmen?

please can you point me where i can find answer if it s in a book or a errata!

24-08-2008, 03:16
Short answer: it's been FAQ'd


Long answer: It would be a failed charge. The unit of Pegasus Knights wouldn't go half way - even if they weren't flying - but rather could declare a charge against the Crossbowmen (and the Crossbowmen would have to give a charge reaction as normal). If they didn't want to charge the Crossbowmen, the Pegasus Knights would half to stop 1 inch away from them.

BRB, page 23. Because the Crossbowmen are "in the way" of the Pegasus Knights, not allowing them to fit in contact with the the RBT, the RBT cannot be charged.

24-08-2008, 03:20
thks a lot for the link!