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Brother Smith
06-11-2005, 17:13
Hi all, this is going to be one of a series of Jurassic Park RPGs, revolving around little plots.


Be realistic - give your character some kind of flaw or something similar, we are all going to be relying on each other. Nothing a civilian or security guard wouldn't have.

Ok here's the story;

We are all travelling on a cruise ship, with many people. We signed up for a tour of the Jurassic park islands, where the ship is sailing around the islands, but not going near them.

We are a group of tourists who wanted to get closer. We paid some of the crew to take us closer.

And that's where the RPG starts.

Rest assured our situation will get more and more hopeless ;) .

Character limitations:

0-2 Educated passengers (University Degrees and further)
0-1 Security from cruise liner.
0-2 Crew from cruise liner.
0-8 Passengers (any age, background)
0-2 NPCs (children, wives, etc..)

Ideally, you will modell your characters on you in real life.

Name: Adam, Passenger
Age: 15
Education: KS3 Course, parts of GCSE and BTEC, courses in flying and survival, qualified to shoot the SA-80 (well the cadet version anyway).
Allergies: Slightly allergic to milk, sensitive skin, find it hard in very hot climates.
Phobias: Spiders.
Appearance: 5'8, blue/green eyes, long red hair, fairly strong (muscley)
Clothing; Sleevless shirt, Ripped blue jeans (not baggy), trainers, thin socks, sunglasses and of course, underwear.
Other; Bag containing lighter, mosquito repellant, lunch box containing lunch and flip-knife.
NPCs: None.

Remember only to take what you would in the real world - we aren't expecting to have to stay in the area for more than a few hours.

In this RPG, some of the characters will die so don't enter this RPG expecting to live through it (although you probably will). Deaths will normally result in your characters stupidity though.

Finally, again, try to keep it realistic.

Commander X
06-11-2005, 19:32
This sounds like fun, tomorrow the 'educated passenger' of me will be there.(educated between 's, as I'm not actually on the Uni yet, but am ensured I'll get there.)

07-11-2005, 10:22
Im in, bro smith isnt your character a tad good for a 15 year old?

Name: Ryan Jenkins, Security Officer
Age: 27
Education: Advanced Self Defense, Basic Weapons use
Items: 2 Flare Guns, 9mm Pistol, Electrified batton.
Clothing;Basic Security Attire

Brother Smith
07-11-2005, 18:39
Not really, it's based on me, and I spent a few years in the cadet forces.

I'm not saying that hes going to be of any use though ;).

Commander X
07-11-2005, 18:50
Luuk, Wisest of Wiseguys (:p)
Education: Currently 4th year of VWO, and everything one can possibly learn from Discovery Channel
Allergies: Nuts, always feeling cold
Phobia: Everything that's intent on killing me and capable of doing so.
Appearance: 6'3", average in everything else, blue eyes, short black hair
Clothing: Everything in black(Including underwear, socks, shoes, really everything)
Items: Digital watch(which has a higher chance of survival than us added together), Sunglasses, Digital Camera, lots of food and drinks, pocket knife, bag to put all this in.
Important: By being in puberty and generally big, eats twice as much as your average person :D

07-11-2005, 19:53
Name: Ruben Quinn
role: seaman
Age: 28
nationality: British
education: state, colage, university, royal navy
Education: simple self defence, piloting large seacraft, piloting small seacraft, swimming, simple first aid
alergies: none
phobias: slight cloustrophobia (sp)
medical: redgreen defecient.
skills: boatmanship, survival skills
Items: flare gun, ronson multi tool, lighter, binoculars, radio, keys to boat, keys to water scooter, torch, satelite phone, bottle of water (200 ml), tinted sunglasses, micr camera, sports bag, island handbook.
Clothing: standard seaman outfit, navy trousers, light blu shirt, utility belt.
Bio: an ex navy sailor. ruben left the navy at 25 for commersial sailing because of better pay and lower stress levels.
aperaence: tall, short brown hair, slightly muscular.

08-11-2005, 04:54
John McVine

Occupation, Motor Mechanic.
John is a 35 year old gentleman with medicinally controlled schiophrenia. He's physically fit, and quite intelligent, but very quiet and socially awkward. He needs to take pills three times a day to stop him from getting jumpy and agressive. Unfortunately, he's only got a a single dose with him, as he was expecting to be back by evening. He's carrying a nice big lunch, a bottle of water, a couple of magazines, and a small tool kit that was in his backpack (He forgot to take it out from work), consisting of several screwdrivers, a couple of knives, and an adjustable wrench.

Brother Smith
08-11-2005, 16:35
Characters are all great.

WarlordGrubNatz, unless your called Ruben Quinn in real life, can you change the name of your character? You use the same name in at least half a dozen RPGs is all.

Ok IC thread up in a few days :D.

08-11-2005, 21:35
I know, its mainly so I rember my name thats all :D, I used to use different names for all my characters and then I got mixed up, calling them different names, so I decided to pick a final name and settle with it. If you real want me to I could change it.

Brother Smith
08-11-2005, 22:26
Nah thats ok then.

09-11-2005, 19:30
thanks, can we start soon.

Brother Smith
09-11-2005, 20:50
One more character, and the IC thread will be up. If not, IC thread by sunday at the longest.

09-11-2005, 22:04
Okay I'm in, sounds cool.

Name: Scott robertson
Job: Mechanic ship crew
Apperance: 5'9, short blond hair, fairly stocky. Jeans, T-shirt, Leather Jacket
Education: Standard grade courses some higher.

Personality: Is unhappy with his job, really wants to join the army as an officer. Is trying his best to get fit to go for the regiement he wants. Has an ability to stay cool under pressure. He doesn't see the point in worrying.

Abilites: Ex-Air cadet, flying shooting etc. Is very fit and can go for long periods of running without stopping. Can repair mecanical things but hates doing so.

Flaws: Has a sarcastic/pessimistic approach to some situations, which sometimes works against him.

Equipment: Swiss Army knife, pen and notepad.

Brother Smith
10-11-2005, 19:08
Ok thread up in a few days. Should be fun, that's for sure.

24-11-2005, 06:42
i want to get involved. can i be written in you think?

edit:just saw the ic thread...nm...but pm me if it gets going

Hippy In Peril
24-11-2005, 18:31
I'm interested in joining Brother Smith. I have some time on my hands with the holidays and all (and seeing as my plans for the next 3 weeks were cancelled...). I have a character written up, but wont post it unless it's alright for me to join.