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24-08-2008, 12:51
Name – Sand Scorpions
Inspiration – Desert environments, brothers in arms etc
Banner – Still yet to be designed but presumably related to sand and scorpions
Homeworld – The planet is desert themed and frequent sandstorms occur throughout the landscape which constantly changes the mountains and environment. There are also a high number of alien creatures who inhabit the barren wasteland. These creatures exist underground and reports show they may be Tyranids from a Splinter fleet of Hive Fleet Kraken who have inhabited the underground system. These aliens frequently assault villages and towns to hunt for food. The planet is also in direct view of the sun with little to no shelter meaning the temperatures can reach unbearable levels.
Battle Cry - 'For the Sand Lord!'
Founding Date: Unknown
Pauldron: Scorpion shape in a desert brown colour (similar to Red Scorpion logo)
Gene seed: Ultramarines, they are an Ultramarine successor chapter

Origins – The history of the Sand Scorpion begins with two brothers at the young age of 20 and 24. These two brothers lived on the harsh desert landscape in a town occupying roughly 1 million people. This town was at constant risk due to the harsh sandstorms which corroded the walls and houses but was also prey to alien attacks that would rise from under the ground and drag innocents. No one knew who these aliens were or what they wanted from the villagers. Some assumed they were messengers of the Sand Lord to take these people as a sacrifice. These two brothers, Carlos and Rosirus were unique individuals in their physical and mental abilities. These two trained hard to protect their family and the people around them. One day the aliens attacked in a larger force then usual and took over 30,000 innocents with them including the brother’s family. They tried to seek help from the high council of the town to try and hunt down these creatures and end this once and for all but the high council refused stating that the desert environment and the creatures deemed it too unsafe and they did not have the technology to combat any forces. Whilst under threat of death should they cross the walls they decided to anyway and with their small armament they trawled the planet for 2 weeks before finding a creature measuring at least 20 foot high. The creature was scurrying throughout the landscape with it’s six large talons. The brothers foolishly attempted to kill the creature and were nearly killed themselves when the creature had Rosirus clutched in it’s tail when Five roaring drop pods ascended from above. The ultramarines had landed and within minutes they poured out of the pods and slain the creature. The brothers were lucky to be alive but the captain of the 4th company commended them for their strength and tactics in slaying what was a Tyranid Trygon who the 4th company had been hunting for some time. It was only through tracking the psychic signals they had been guided towards this planet. The 4th company returned to the town with the brothers and aided by the full force of the Ultramarines they declared this planet a new recruitment site for the space marines and that the brothers would take charge in creating the chapter. Through a one hundred year project the town was eventually converted into a mighty mechanical fortress with walls that could shield against the sandstorms and ceramite flooring that could prevent the Tyranids from entering from underneath. The high council was terminated and a new council stood in place. The small proud town had become a mighty metal fortress which now accommodated over 10 million inhabitants.
The Techmarines of the ultramarines found that the creatures were in fact Tyranids from Hive Fleet Kraken and that the primary objective of the Sand Scorpions was to rid them from this planet. This task is a lot harder them usual as the Tyranids built an incredibly complex tunnel system throughout the planet but researchers were confused as to why the Tyranids were so few in number and so disorganised but took advantage of the situation. The chapter organisation was also uniquely created so that the Sand Scorpions could easily track the Tyranids movements and react to any threats. A lot of modifications were also made to the space marine’s armour and vehicles to make fighting in the desert environments easier. The power armour was given thicker armour to protect against erosion and the inside was liquid cooled so the space marines wouldn’t overheat in the harsh landscapes. The helmets were modified with sensors to detect movement and heat passed on by the Tyranids crawling underground. The vehicles and mechanics were also modified to easily move along the sand and also liquid cooled on the inside. Space marines are forbidden to remove their helmets as the sand can remove their face within a short period of time and the heat can cause them to dehydrate incredibly quickly.

The organisation of the chapter is unique based on the two brothers characteristics and the best way to track the Tyranids. Rosirus preferred being in close combat and head on approaches without thinking lead what is called the ‘Scorpions Sword’ which comprises of the following organisation:
1st Company – 50 Vanguard marines, 40 Bikes, 10 Land Speeders
2nd to 4th Companies – Command Squad, Captain, Chaplain 6 Tactical Squads and 4 Assault Squads. Each company is also accompanied by a Techmarine and a Thunderfire cannon to research the Tyranids
Each company is commissioned a Thunderhawk gunship and each of these companies is situated in armoured bunkers throughout the planet. This enables them to react to any investigations and allows further research into the Tyranids situated on the planet.

The ‘Scorpions Shield’ is led by the Chapter Master Carlos who is much more tactical and prefers using ranged weaponry. This chapter is mainly situated at the Main Fortress to defend the fortress against any threats. This sub chapter used the following organisation:
1st Company – 50 Sternguard Marines, 50 Terminators, 3 Venerable Dreadnoughts
2nd to 4th Companies – Command Squad, Captain, Chaplain, 6 tactical squads and 4 Devastator Squads.

There is also a scout company which recruits regularly by hand picking sons from the high fortress. There is also a high council which features the two chapter masters, the sacred standard, and the chief librarian, master of the forge and the captains and chaplains from each company.
The vehicles of the chapter are kept in the fortress and used in commission when required. The Sand Scorpions mainly use drop pods for insertion missions, rhinos and land raiders for transporting large groups along the desert wastelands and Predator and vindicator tanks for escort. They also have 8 Thunderhawk gunships in total, one for each ‘Scorpions Sword’ Sub Chapter and three for transport missions to and from space.

The chapter is a highly practical chapter who rely little on faith except for the ‘Sand Lord’. The Sand Lord is a highly violent storm which occurs once every month in a large crater which resembles a large man or creature. The storm is so predictable and shaped so well that nearby forces are concerned whether it is the will of the hive mind but nevertheless the Sand Scorpions pray to it for an hour when the ‘Day of the Sand Lord’ occurs.

The Sand Scorpions main mission is to research and destroy the Tyranid menace that has occurred in the planets underground system and eventually colonise these tunnel networks that the Tyranids have built.

Designers notes –

There are still bits missing such as the name of the planet, name of the fortress and the old town. I don’t have any timelines or notable characters but I will do soon as I have some ideas. I also need to find a scheme, chapter logos, banners, and colours to represent each squad, member and so forth so any ideas would be helpful on that.

I don’t know why I went with this chapter organisation but in my head it seemed to work. This is my first time writing Fluff and inventing my own chapter so any feedback is welcome but be kind. It’s not the most original story in the world but it keeps some sort of flow going.

Enjoy =]

28-08-2008, 15:55
Just a quick read through while on a break a work. I'll go through it in more detail later but there are a couple of things that stick out for me so far.

The two chaps you have as starting the chapter are too old. They'd never be inducted into any marine chapter as trainees are all adolescents when the training and introduction of the various implants starts.

The next problem is a biggie. There is only one source of new chapters - the High Lords of Terra. Chapters don't decide to create a new chapter, companies don't split off to become a new chapter, lost companies don't become new chapters on their own, the Adeptus Mechanicus (or a marine chapter) doesn't create a secret chapter for some special purpose, or some other weird explanation. The HLoT decides that X number of new chapters are needed and inform the AM to use existing tithed geneseed to create the new chapters and arm them. The Legions were broken up after the Heresy because there was a fear that they were too powerful and there needed to be a way to keep the Heresy from being repeated. A chapter reproducing or growing too large would force the Imperial powers to act against this transgressor in no uncertain terms.

The other main item is a literary trap that a lot of people new to 40K fall into. "My chapter is the Polar Bears. They live on an ice world and defend it from attack until the Imperium needs warriors for an arctic assault." Marines train to fight and be lethally effective in all environments and go where they are needed, are asked, or want to (as long as it's to the benefit of the Imperium) depending on their relationship with the Powers That Be. Some chapters are very independent (Space Wolves) and pretty much do what want; as long as it's fighting the Imperium's enemies no one complains too loudly. Others like the Ultramarines (and most chapters, I suspect) are good soldiers and do what is asked or ordered of them, the methodology dependent upon their history and reputation. Yet others like the Dark Angels have their own agendas and are willing to aid in Imperial deployments as long as those actions are in line with their goals.

A marine chapter is not going to be fixed to a single planet with a sole goal of killing the Nids on that planet. I agree with you that the limited number of Nids on this planet is highly strange. They should have overwhelmed this planet long ago. A static population for a group of Nids large enough to keep a chapter of marines at bay is illogical. That would be a huge amount of bugs and (not trying to be funny) they breed like flies. A force of Nids that could hold off a full chapter of marines is soon going to be a force that has consumed the planet. Even more important, an infestation large enough to hold a chapter at bay is not going to be left to just that chapter to deal with. There will be a huge mobilization to deal with this big a problem. Besides, who can possibly respect a chapter that lets a problem on their home planet get this far out of control.

All in all you've got some good ideas but needs some surgery. :) I look forward to seeing this progress as well as pics of the scheme and then the boys.