View Full Version : VC: How much to buy considering power dice?

24-08-2008, 13:59
This is sort of a tactics and modelling/buying question combined.

I am going to start building a Vampire Counts army- I know that I am going to focus on skeletons and crypt ghouls primarily. There will be some zombies, but mostly the former.

Anyhow, I am trying to estimate how many models I need to buy- I thought I would throw this question out there to experienced Vampire players:

How many models (or new boxes with 10 minis per box) do you estimate are needed for various power dice levels? Take into account casualties, as well as new raising, beyond the base units you field in your list.

1-3 Power Dice?
4-8 Power Dice?
8-10 power dice?
11-13 power dice?
14+ power dice?

The Inspector
24-08-2008, 14:18
Try and have enough to cover the starting unit size + 50%.

So if you are fielding 20 ghouls, you should have at least 30 models.
40 skeletons, then 60 models.

This accommodates for the starting amount and the 50% extra for any possible raising. I would suggest picking up a bag of bases and modelling a few extra zombies/skellies pulling themselves out of the ground, and a few 'generic bases' (just a gravestone, sign post, etc) that you can use for the aforementioned and also ghouls.

The best advice though is to play a few games, and simply use random fillers to accommodate models you don't have. Of course this will have to be against friendly opponents and probably not in a GW store. Soon however you'll know roughly what you are capable at raising and buy sufficient models accordingly.