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Bad monkey
24-08-2008, 13:28
How do,

I am currently knocking together some background for a DIY Space marine chapter and i have have the guts of thier background worked out.

Im wanting them to be based in the eastern fringe from the 26th founding, in respnce to increased Ork, tau and 'nid incrsions.

My quesion is are there any major events that i should include. I know the damelcous (need to get the spelling right on this) crusade that happend around this time. but is there anthing else of note? and where can find more info on this little bit of space,

cheers in advance folks

24-08-2008, 13:52
Notable events involving the Eastern Fringe

* 789.M35 Tau are discovered and catagorized by the Adeptus Mechanicus vessel Land's Vision. An unusual and violent warp storm renders the planet inaccessible.
* 742.M41 Damocles Crusade begins, Tau are rediscovered.
* 745.M41 Hive Fleet Behemoth, of the Tyranids, begins its invasion of the galaxy in the Eastern Fringe.
* 992.M41 Hive Fleet Kraken, of the Tyranids, begins its invasion of the galaxy in the Eastern Fringe.

the last 3 of which of which have happened since the 26th founding in 738.M41

25-08-2008, 12:21
Just one thing: no chapter can have been created "in response to" 'nid activity since the first contact with 'nids happened almost a decade after the 26th Founding.

And even if the Founding wasn't "closed" and chapters were still "in production" at the time of Behemoth's arrival*, the High Lords wouldn't have created chapters specifically to deal with a threat which had been dealt with by the Ultramarines. (The fluff states that after the Battle of Maccrage most of those "in the know" in the Imperium believed that the 'nid threat had been dealt with for good.)

[* - A possibility since the fluff doesn't state the duration of a Founding and whether or not all the chapters of a given Founding are created at the same time. If the date given is the year the High Lords ordered new chapters to be created, it may very well have taken a few decades to complete the Founding.]