View Full Version : lack of hatred gets me killed

24-08-2008, 19:14
Well before i bore you with the essentials heres my current list

skulltaker (a steal)for his points
juggernaut herald / firestorm blade
15 bloodletters / full command / d6 to charge banner
15 bloodletter / full command /
5 flesh hounds
1 juggernaut champion

General tactics include the flesh hounds on one flank supported by the juggers absolutly killing everything ( one flesh hound won combat and ran down 3 salamanders and crew )

and the letters with skully will slog up the front and the d6 charge banner always catches a noob off guard and an aware player will be to catious and get outflanked

however gw forgot to give skulltaker locus of khorne and my letters always seem to loose combat after the initial charge, a lack of hatred ( esspecially against de) seems to leave me behind since letters stupidly have one attack

should i replace my list iwth this

skultaker becomes a tooled herald

juggernaut healrd goes in unit (juggernuat is two letter anyway so no loss there

other jugger stays or replaced with flamers

c and c wud be appreciated by next saturday (the 6th)

25-08-2008, 00:47
How do you intend to win against, say, anyone with decent magic and the Lore of Beasts? I can see High Elves also be a problem, given that they generally combine sufficient PD to break through your defences with ASF and good knights.