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24-08-2008, 22:17
Im pretty new to the warhammer fantasy game, and I have been reading the forum for a while and there are some terms that people tend to use that I dont understand.

1. I have read that people are talking about how to use the champion model in units to do some "evil" trix. Whats the secret about this guy. When im using him he is just another attack in the front row, it seems like I have missed something here.

2. I have heard that people are using units as "redirects". I play VC myself and Im wondering what this might be. How do you use units to redirect, and why do you want to do that?

3. This is a more VC specific question. I have seen that alot of people are using a battle standard bearer. Is i really worth it in a VC list. When I lose a combat by 2 I lose 1 zombie instead of 2, is it worth 25p?


24-08-2008, 22:32
@ 1) Unit champions can issue challenges just like characters, and can thereby prevent enemy chararacters from inflicting too much damage on your unit. That's the only "trick" they have iirc.

@ 2) "Redirecting" basically means that you put a (usually) cheap unit between an opponent's unit and their intended target, often at an angle. Thereby the enemy unit is forced to charge the redirecting unit and will often end up in a bad position.

@ 3) Yes, the BSB is definitely worth it for VC. Many of your units are likely to lose combats for several turns until you can get a supporting charge into the fight, so the 25 points are usually well spent.

24-08-2008, 22:35
Also a BSB gets access to the expensive magical banners and for VC these are really nice. The Drakenhof banner along with the banner of blood keep in a unit of blood knights works really well:eek:

24-08-2008, 22:38
1. Champion tricks involve challenges. You can use champions to deflect challenges from your important characters, or to suck dangerous enemies into challenges that they would be better off avoiding. If you're a VC player, champions on your infantry units are far more useful in this regard than they are for the +1 attack.

2. To redirect is to force the enemy to engage a small unit set at an angle to their main line. Your unit either loses or flees the charge (VCs can't do the latter) and the enemy either exposes their flank to your waiting units or is simply pulled too far away from the battle to be of any use. I tend to use raised zombie units to redirect, though dire wolves also are an effective redirection unit (they're effectively fast moving zombies). You can redirect anything, but it's easiest to redirect frenzied enemies since they actually MUST charge if able.

3. The battle standard isn't really worth it on zombies, but it is worthwhile to take on fighting units. The +1 CR helps you win combat, which is of course always useful, and being a BSB doesn't restrict your equipment options. Also, VCs have some very powerful banners (notably the Drakenhof Banner) that can turn a decent fighting unit into an unstoppable juggernaut of destruction.

24-08-2008, 23:17
Ohh ok now i see. I bet that the challange tactics must work extra good with VC since they can resurrect the fallen champion afther he sacrifices himself.

Thanks for the answers, now I know some more tricks!

24-08-2008, 23:37
Ohh ok now i see. I bet that the challange tactics must work extra good with VC since they can resurrect the fallen champion afther he sacrifices himself.

Exactomundo, young padawan! It's super-effective for characters on monsters, and lone character-monsters, since they can't refuse a challenge and can only get so much CR in it. You can tie up some really nasty stuff with very little risk by just challenging and raising like that.

Also (and this is more of an anti-champion tactic, really), it's always worthwhile to put one rank and file attack on an enemy unit champion if he's not in a challenge. He's just as easy to kill after all.