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The Codex - Space Marines contains the trait lists, doctrines and tactics for the most famous of the Space Marines, the Black Templars, Ultramarines, Iron Hands, etc. I want you to list your own Space Marine chapters, their traits and their tactics, their colors and their own glorious history that is stitched into the tapestry of war with the blood of your fallen enemies.


For Wrath, For Ruin and the Requiem - Morpheus, Lord of the Angels Requiem

The Guy
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Obsidian Tears:
Traits- [This is before the new dex gets rid of them :mad:]
Purity above all. Trust your battle brothers.
Drawbacks- Flesh over steel. Faithful unto death.

Orignally named the Obsidian Eagles, this chapter served in warzones all over the galaxy, oberying orders without question and having complete faith in their commanders, and the imperium itself.

A heretical inquisitor was also in the system, seeking to control it and claim it as his own. But he couldn't do that easily with the majority of the Obsidian Eagles in the system. He devised a plan to rid himself of these marines, and earn the God's favour at the same time.

He approached the chapter master, using his inquisitorial seal to reach him. The inquisitor told him of a nearby planet that was soon to be engulfed by a warp storm, and that rebellion was spreading through the people. He told him that the warp storm was a few weeks away, and that evacuation should start immediatley.

Unfortunately, the chapter master of the Eagles was also corrupt, seeking a way to rid himself of his warriors to attain the favour of the Gods. He sensed the corruption in the inquisitor also, and knew it would be a trap.

His motivations are unknown, for who can truly understand the followers of chaos? But the Master sent the entire chapter [save the few he managed to corrupt himself] to this planet.
Within three days the chapter had arrived, and had begun evacutations. But the inquisitor had lied, the warp storm struck on the third night and was not weeks away as he had previously said.

For 10 years the chapter was trapped on that planet. The foul daemons came at them day after day, causing the chapter to change tactics to the defensive, keeping every possible man alive, and keeping distance from the enemy.

Not even a full company made it off that planet. Their armour bears the scars of horrible battles, which they bear as a mark of shame on themselves.

It is unknown what happened to the two traitors, but it would seem that a loyalist inquisitor coven slew them both a few weeks after the trap.

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The Dark Knights (before the movie was made, just so you know).
Geneseed: Imperial Fists
Homeworld: Britannica (exterminatus)
Traits: Basically a Codex Chapter. Disdain the use of bikes, preferring jump packs and speeders. Mutual oath with the forge world Bytao Jublia provides plenty of armour and weapons.
Colour scheme: Battle Brother (http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/sms.php?bpe=2E2727&bpj=A6A2A2&bp=2E2727&bpc=2E2727&hdt=2E2727&hdm=2E2727&hdl=2E2727&ey=FF0000&er=2E2727&pi=A6A2A2&nk=2E2727&ch=2E2727&eg=FF0000&sk=E8E7A2&abs=2E2727&bt=2E2727&cod=2E2727&ull=2E2727&lk=2E2727&lll=2E2727&lft=2E2727&url=2E2727&rk=FF0000&lrl=2E2727&rft=2E2727&slt=FF0000&sli=2E2727&srt=FF0000&sri=2E2727&ula=2E2727&lel=2E2727&lla=2E2727&lw=2E2727&lh=2E2727&ura=2E2727&rel=2E2727&rla=2E2727&rw=2E2727&rh=2E2727&bg=FFFFFF&rb=A6A2A2&gr=A6A2A2&grid=TRUE&wg=true&ti=FF0000&rkg3=FFFFFF&blt=FF0000&). (If the link doesn't work, blame Bolter & Chainsword.)

Historic moments:
- Founded on the last day of the fifth century of the 38th millennium.
- Defense of Bytao Jublia, last century of the 39th millennium. Forge world Bytao Jublia attacked by Chaos marauders. Dark Knights assisted in the reclamation of the planet's STC. There was much rejoicing.
- Fall of Britannica, first century of the 40th millennium. Home world of Britannica invaded by the same Chaos marauders from the Defense of Bytao Jublia. The Dark Knights, despite a stalwart defense, are forced to put their own homeworld to the flame. There was not much rejoicing.
- Period of Rebirth, from the first century to the fourth century of the 40th millennium. Bytao Jublia assists in the rebuilding of the Dark Knights chapter, providing armour, tanks, weapons, starships, and a master crafted artificer dreadnought for the critically wounded Chapter Master. In return, the Dark Knights bring Mechanicus envoys on all their expeditions and keep the forge world up to date on any and all technological discoveries.
- The Long Crusade, fifth century of the 40th millennium to the present. The Dark Knights have become a crusading chapter, patrolling the stars and delivering the Emperor's justice to the darkest corners of the Imperium.

Lord-Gen Bale Chambers
25-08-2008, 05:21
Swords of the Emperor
Second Founding Chapter - Ultramarines
Homeworld: Ulric VI - Ultima Segmentum, East of Ultramar
Tactics: The Swords of the Emperor favor quick strikes and close combat. In this respect, their tactics closely resemble the Ravenguard.
Color Scheme: Boltgun metal armour. Red shoulder pads with shining gold trim. A red cloth that hangs from the waist. Golden eyes. Symbol is an upright sword with a halo around it.

Recruiting: The Ulric system contains two habitable planets and one Ad-mech research station on a large astroid in orbit. The majority of recruiting takes place on Ulric VI, a jungle deathworld ruled over by techno-barbarians. The tribes live on the mountains that shoot above the jungles. The actual fortress monastary is hidden deep within the jungles. Every year the tribes send their best warriors in search of the Monastary.

Ulric V is a fairly standard agri-world. The Swords of the Emperor maintain a fortress monastary in the northern polar region of this planet. The people of Ulric V don't make good canidates as marines, but are often recruited to help maintain their fleet.

Interaction within the Imperium: The Swords of the Emperor have a track record for showing up unannounced. They don't fight in long engagements and it is not uncommon for them to show up, tip the balance behind enemy lines and leave without Imperial Commanders knowing they were there.

Characters of Note: Brother-Captain Asher Malaki, captain of the 5th Company and the strike cruiser The Pious Pilgram. Lead the 5th Company along with a large amount of the 10th and some of the 1st company in the only Crusade the Swords of the Emperor were a part of. They fought alongside the Black Templars in search of the ork warlord Ghazghkill Thraka.

Battles of Note:
* Relief of St. Jonas, broke the Iron Warriors siege with a series of guerilla strikes and drove them off the planet.
* The victory at Hill's End. They halted the Waaagh of Warlord Bludtoof.
* Massacre at Alorion II. This battle lead to half a century of no Eldar Pirate activity in the sector.
* Defense of Baron City. 4th Company was devestated in the battle and suffered 85% casualties against the tyranid splinter fleet. To date, they are still understrength.

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Templars of veangence.
Founding: Ultramarines.
trait: Cleanse and purify
Drawback: die standing
Numbers: 900-aprox
Prefered fighting style: Armoured spearhead.

For more information:

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Astral Slayers
A chapter devoted to taking out ork leaders before their waaagh!s become too big. Over time they've adopted practices, supposedly to intimidate orks, that make the Inquisition rather suspicious, such as eventually replacing their original chapter symbol, an axe, with the ork 'grim' glyph, and painting their rhinos red with checks. Some go so far as to paint their faces green or dye their eyes red, and some sergeants train their squads to use orkish as a code-language. The chapter has loose affiliations with certain Ordo Xenos radicals, but mostly (and understandably) avoid contact with most of the Imperium.
In the current marines codex, their chapter traits are:
Chapter: Star Slayers
Significant Divergence
Advantage traits:
Pious- Suffer not the alien to live (Orks)
Dutiful- No mercy, no respite
Major- Flesh over steel
Minor- We stand alone

Color scheme:Left side of torso and right leg medium red, right side of torso and left leg dark green. Chapter symbol on left shoulder.

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Alrighty, I'll bite.

To: Inq. S. Losagro
From: Magos Musevini
Re: Brotherhood Enclave information

Attached is a description of Space Marine Chapter "Brotherhood Enclave". Please act accordingly.

Chapter Name: Brotherhood Enclave
Founding Chapter: Iron Hands
Chapter World: Magog; Class - Death
Standing Strength: 1000~
Traits: Xenophobic, Antimutant, willing to take on any recruit that approaches. Unusually secretive regarding technological acquirement; suspects adherence to defunct Imperial Truth. Notable lack of bionic augmentation; suspected GeneSeed heresy.
Tactics: Highly skilled at ranged warfare and small arms marksmenship. Prefers drop insertions, or barring that, Thunderhawk drops. Favored use of mobile units and disdain of sedentry units noted.
Colors: Charcoal black armor plates; desert tan trim. Addendum added.
Noteworthy Engagements:

*Hive Vault Pacification - Rebellion - Segmentum Pacificus
*Mira Annhiliation Campaign - Xeno Cleansing - Segmentum Pacificus
*Gecko Pacification - Genestealer Infestation - Segmentum Pacificus
*Zalus Crusade - Ork Waagh - Segmentum Tempestus
*Vedran Vanguard - Eldar Raid - Segmentum Tempestus

Addendum: Image file re: color.

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Chapter - The Angels Requiem
Founding - 6th Founding
First Founding Legion - Dark Angels
Homeworld - Angelis (Exterminatus)
Status - Exile
Traits -
No Mercy, No Respite
Blessed Be the Warriors
Eye to Eye
Death Before Dishonor
Colors - Chaos Black, left shoulder guard features a broken black cross on a white background.

The Angels Requiem were exiled from the Council of Angels by Azrael, and since have been hunted by the Dark Angels and their successor chapters. Their homeworld was destroyed by the Dark Angels and they are searching for their redemption, Lion El' Jonson, Cypher.

Morpheus, Master of the Chapter, Master of Angelis, Lord of Angels - The Chapter Master of the Angels Requiem represents his order both within the Imperium and the Council of Angels on Caliban. He is elected by the captains of the chapter and has a vote to elect the Lord of the Council. Lord Commander Morpheus is the current master and was exiled from the Council for his murder of the Lord of the Angels of Verdict, Nemesis, on Caliban.

Trinity, Master of the Voice - The Master of the Voice represents the chapter in its master’s stead and acts as his advisor. He negotiates with Imperial agencies in theaters of war and the Council of Angels. The current Master of the Voice, Trinity, advised Morpheus against allowing Helsing’s execution. He is Morpheus’ chosen Lord. He is the master of the 2nd company.

Helsing, Master of the Requiem, Master of Verdict - The Master of the Requiem is a representative and director of the Chaplain order. He and his agents guard the Reclusium and the restricted information on the Fall of Caliban and the Dark Angels with solemnity and a will of iron. It is the Master of Verdict who interrogates the Fallen until they repent before sentencing them to death. In 012-M36 it was the Master of the Requiem and Verdict Helsing who released the Fallen Angel Cypher from Caliban before the Angels Requiem were excommunicated for sedition, Fall from the Dark Angel Creed and the light of the God-Emperor by the more puritanical elements of the Council of Angels. It is he who selects Neophyte Scouts from the population of Angelis and judges their physical, spiritual and mental state. He is the captain of the 3rd company.

Seraph, Master of the Armada - The Master of the Armada represents the Fleet and operates in co-operation with Astarte ground forces. He and the Master of the Chapter are the ultimate authorities within the Angels Requiem’s Fortress Monastery and tactical command. He is the master of the 4th company.

Vulcan, Master of the Forge, Master of the Arsenal - The Master of the Arsenal represents the tech-marines of the chapter. He and his order are the artificers of all equipment and technology known to the Adeptus Astartes and Imperium and the custodians of the Dreadnoughts within the darkness of the depths of the Tower of Angelis. He is the master of the 5th company

Constantine, Master of the Creed - The Master of the Creed is also a representative of the Chaplain order and is responsible for the spiritual security and mental state of the chapter. He is a member of the Council of Requiem that judges a Fallen Angel. He is the master of the 6th company.

Falcona, Master of the Vanguard, Master of the Ravenwing - The Master of the Ravenwing controls the 7th assault company.

Veil, Master of the Watch - The Master of the Watch commands the defenses and reconnaissance forces of the Angels Requiem in co-operation with the Master of the Ravenwing. The post has remained extinct since the fall of Angelis in which the Dark Angels exterminated the world in a viral bombing. The Master of the Watch controlled the 8th company.

Azrael, Master of Authority - The Master of Authority is the legal representative of the Angels Requiem and a member of the Council of Requiem that judges a Fallen Angel. He enforces order, discipline and authority within the Chapter. He will review Neopytes before their initiation into the Scout Company. He is the master of the 9th company.

Raphael, Master of Genesis - The Master of Genesis is a representative of the Apothecarium, and reviews the physical purity of initiates down to the cellular level for signs of mutation. It was the current Master of Genesis, Raphael, who alerted Morpheus of accelerated evolution and life and that he had thirteen years left. He is the master of the 10th Company

The Council of Angels - The Council of Angels is an order similar to the Vatican Councils and is directed by the master of the Dark Angels. It consists of the Astarte chapters the Angels of Vengeance, Angels of Absolution, the Angels of Redemption , Angels of Verdict, Angels Requiem, Angels of Silence, Guardians of the Covenant, Consecrators and the Disciples of Caliban in a state of republic. The Council is held every century to confirm the location of the Fallen or to judge repentant Fallen transferred to Caliban. The Angels Verdict are the legal arm of the Council, hunting down Fallen Angels and rogue elements with the Dark Angels. They are currently assigned to the eradication of the Angel Requiem.

The Angels of Verdict - The legal, executive branch of the Council of Angels, the Angels of Verdict were assigned to the extinction of the Angels Requiem in 012-M36,

Brother Enok
26-08-2008, 21:46

Created a full millennium after the Istan V massacre, the Sons of Mercury share the Salamanders Genome.
With their numbers carved to a handful of Astartes after the Heresy, the Salamanders had no need to fragment their legion into founding chapters as per the writings of the Codex Astartes. However, this did not exclude them from their obligation to the newly appointed high lords of Terra, whom demand 5% of each Chapters genetic material to both monitor against mutation of the progentoid gland and also allow them to create new chapters.
Implanted into Genome-slaves, each Zygote will duplicate, and over a century one thousand genetic organs are created. This organ is the Progenoid gland, or the sacred “gene-seed”. Through his gene-seed a marine may live forever, his memory and experience moving from marine to recruit as his life is spent on the battlefield.
The Sons of Mercury do not forget this sacrifice, and indeed the sacrifice of the man they see as their genetic farther, or their Primarch, Vulkan.
Created during the 13th founding, the loss of their Genetic information by the Adeptus Terra only confirms their divinity in the eyes of the chapter’s chaplains, whom outnumber all other types of officers. Many Veteran sergeants are chaplains in training, and a large proportion of the chapters HQ is given over the Chaplains, and to a lesser degree, Librarians whom both often serve duel roles as Captains. There are of course Astartes brothers with neither the blessing of soul armour or psychic talents whom make outstanding soldiers and leaders none the less.

Having no home world, Mercury itself being little more than a planet wide Iron ore mine, the Chapter is a fleet based force, with no less than three battle barges, “The Murasame”, “The Word of the Emperor” and “The Neverender”. These ships, a trinity forming the crux of the Sons operations, are all crafted from Steel, Iron, Obsidian, jet and Marble found on or within the blasted surface of the water star, Mercury. It is from this the Marines take their name. Even among ships of the Astartes, the vessels of the Sons are beautifully crafted and elaborately decorated.

Acting as an Astartes should, each brother swears an oath on reception of their black carapace to never take a step back from the enemy, and to never allow an unarmed citizen of the Imperium fall in their sight. With these oaths in mind, the SoM have been responsible for the saving of countless lives across the Imperium.
On Brachium, a dense forest world beset by an ork Waaaargh!, the Sons of Mercury used their Rhinos and Razor backs as make-shift ambulances and refugee busses, ferrying innocents away from the advancing horde while the attached tactical squads fought a fiery rearguard action, and the guns of their predators blazed against the orks.
On the world of Probitas, the entire 5th Company was lost to a black skinned Tyranid horde, the battle brothers of the Adeptus Astartes refusing to fall back until each civilian was clear of the space ports. Surrendering their own Thunderhawks for the task as they where overwhelmed. Refusing to surrender, they were all consumed by the great devourer along with those not swift or lucky enough to make it off planet. In memory of their glorious sacrifice in honour of the Emperors Imperium, the Company was rebuilt with recruits found among the survivors of Probitas. They named their company “Amor”, or “The Beloved” in remembrance of those who gave their lives for theirs.

In the system of Shamshir countless lives where saved after the skilled assassination of a rebel planetary governor during his election address. Before amassed ranks of seditious guardsmen and wavering civilians the traitor general was felled by a snipers bullet from over 3 miles away; no doubt the work of an infiltrating scout team who snuck away undiscovered, and brought back with them an entire squad of 1st Company veterans in tactical dreadnought armour; more than enough to quell the populace and wavering guardsmen regiments into place. The message was clear and effective; we walk among you as gods. Falter and die.

Their record is not without its black marks, however. During the 38th Millennium the current Chapter Master, Bhall Murasame ordered his 3rd company, along with Element of the 1st and 10th to a planet known as Cadacius. The population was in full revolt against the will of his immortal majesty. Daemons had begun to arise in populated areas, slaughtering and spreading mutation and heresy. Guard regiments had turned or been slaughtered, head quarters shattered, bringing the planet to its knees.
The arrival of the Astartes swung the war quickly, those thronging the space ports brought with the wounded to the spacious but Spartan safety of the Strike cruiser “Crowning” and its holds and decks while the Astartes and survivors made war together on the planets surface. Within a fortnight the heart of the cancer had been found, and a surgical strike was launched against it. Terminators teleported into the crux of the battle as drop pods fell like rain from the sky. In the ruins of a blasphemous temple the planets clergy was found, consorting with dark gods. Bhall personally slaughtered each of them, ordering their bodies to be displayed in crucifixion, as befitting traitors and heretics. From the fell church he took only a sword, its blade warped and twisted, its hilt perfection, and then returned to the “Crowning” alone. The area was reduced to a mile wide crater via orbital bombardment.
All seemed normal, and the fleet was ready to depart. Alas as the Strike cruiser made course for the RV with the rest of battle group its hull was wracked with cataclysmic explosions. Its plasma drive detonating with the energy of a dying star, the munitions detonating within the armour belly of the craft, superheated debris crippling no less than 3 cruisers that hung in low orbit with it as it detonated in a shower of shattered steel, marble and jettisoned drop pods. The Marines one again made planet fall. A brief but bloody struggle broke out. Outnumbered, the renegade marines made war against their former brothers, 3rd company traitors slaughtering isolated scout teams in the field before making open war on the veterans of the first company. Garbed in blessed TDA, Master of Sanctity Samuel fought his way to the heart of the fighting, striding towards Bhall as the Assault cannons of his retinue reaped a bloody tally among his body guard. The former chapter master was not as he was remembered, however, his body mutated and warped, his form now monstrous, his right arm fused at the hand to an oversized perversion of the sword he had found. The two fought among the carnage, and after an hour of visceral personal combat Samuel emerged victorious, drawing his Crozius from Bhalls ruined chest with a roar of triumph; Their would be no mercy for those who had turned. Each one was put to the sword.

Combat Doctrine

Unlike their parent chapter, the Sons of Mercury forgo close quarters fire fights, preferring instead to fight at longer range, weakening their foes with a withering barrage of fire before designated close combat units break through the enemy line and destroy the enemy proper. While Melta and flamer weaponry is used as needed, it is not favoured. Indeed solid round ordnance, such as Whirlwinds and rocket launchers make up a large part of their long range battle plan, with Terminators and assault squads forming the crux of the killing blow. These units rarely if ever deploy with the tactical, devastator or armour support squads, instead performing daring teleportation attacks or halo drops from Thunderhawk gun-ships. When attacking from the ground, the Terminators of the first company ride within the armoured confines of the sacred Land Raider and its many variants, disembarking under a curtain of covering fire, as befitting the Sons of Mercury’s methods of war. The ferocious close combat actions are almost always led by a chaplain, whom chants litanies and spurs his brothers onto greatness while filling the heart of his foes with dread.

Drop pod assaults are a rarity; close to all SoM vessels having traded their drop pod ports of extra teleportation bays and orbital bombardment cannons. Indeed, using these two elements in tandem is a favoured shock tactic of the chapter; Shelling an area to dust before fazing its best warriors in to the ruins and confusion to swiftly end the fight.


The chapter is organised according to the Codex Astartes. Each company from 1 through to 5 are battle companies, with 6 to 9 being reserves. The 10th acts as the scout company, and can be of infinite size. The first company, unusually large for its type, ranges from between 100-130 warriors. Each battle and reserve company maintains effects and weapons for 100-150 warriors. The Large size of the Chapter grants it great flexibility but also, unfortunately, unwanted attention for the forces of the Inquisition. As it stands, it is left as is, with numbers being recorded at close to 2000 members, including scouts but excluding support staff. Still, the Sons of Mercury got to great lengths to refer to themselves as a “chapter” and not a “legion”.

A large portion of the chapters command and control is compromised of chaplains, who lead their brethren into battle as well as oversee their spiritual development as befitting their role within the chapter as laid out by the Codex Astartes. While Line officers and Librarians play their role, they are very much secondary to that played by the Chaplains of the chapter.

With no home world, the Sons of Mercury maintain and operate a vast navy or no less than three Battle Barges, and Nine strike cruisers. They also have access to a flotilla of frigates and escorts.

First Battle Barge: Word of the Emperor
Second Battle Barge: Neverender
Third Battle Barge: Murasame

First Strike Cruiser: Oath Keeper
Second Strike Cruiser: Unbound
Third Strike Cruiser: Shin Hado
Fourth Strike Cruiser: New Dawn
Fifth Strike Cruiser: Nova Pentacle
Sixth Strike Cruiser: Nobility
Seventh Strike Cruiser: Redemption
Eighth Strike Cruiser: Masters Hand
Ninth Strike Cruiser: Ninth Gate


The Sons of Mercury share the belief of that most space marine chapters in the 41st Millennium hold. That the Emperor, while their genetic father and the very pinnacle of humanity, was only a man. A remarkable and much loved man, but a man none the less, and not a god.
This view, along with their rather ample chapter size does bring them into conflict with the ecclesiarch from time to time, but conflicts have been brief and losses small.
With such a high number of Chaplains reverence of the Emperor plays a major in the chapter, perhaps rivalling that of the black Templar. Prayer often refers to the Emperor as “the Father”, as the Sons of Mercury view him as such, their Genetic and biological father.

The Gene-Seed of the Sons of Mercury shows minor mutations that leads to a paler than normal skin tone, sometimes down to an absolute white, often with hair to match. All SoM develop rich, violet or purple eyes one zygote implantation begins, as well as a slightly high bone density than normal. It is unknown where the mutation arises from.


“Never give up! Never Surrender!!”

26-08-2008, 22:52
Homeworld - Angelis (Exterminatus)

You do know that Angelis is the Imperium's name for GorkaMorka, right?

26-08-2008, 23:22
I thought I remembered it from somewhere.

27-08-2008, 01:34
Chapter - The Sons of Cygnus
Founding - Unknown
First Founding Legion - Raven Guard
Homeworld - Unknown. Chapter belived to have expunged all homeworld information so extensivly that no member of the chapter can recall the data.
Traits - Blessed Be the Warriors, No Mercy, No Respite, Flesh Over Steel
Colors - Dark turquoise with black shoulder pads trimmed in dark red. The chapter symbol is shown on the left shoulder.
Iconography - The chapter symbol is a white halo on black. The chapter also uses a set of scales as a symbol on its banners and flags. Chains also feature in these designs.
The scales represent justice and how sin can be countered with sin to restore order. The chapter reconises the blood on its hands as justified by the crimes of its victims. The chain designs highlight the bonds of justice all Sons of Cygnus abide by. No one knows why the Sons of Cygnus have a halo symbol as they do not reconise themselves as devine or their actions as being the work of angels, and they do not even reconise the devinity of the Emperor. Some younger chapter members whisper it represents their homworld in stark silhouette against its native star, but there is no official information either way.

27-08-2008, 14:30
Chapter - Grey Falcons
First Founding Legion - Raven Guard
Homeworld - Icabio
Traits - Take the fight to them, No Mercy, No Respite, Flesh over Steel, Death before Dishonour.
Colors - Fortress grey armour with medium red shoulder pads and helmet patterns and golden chest iconography.
Chapter Insignia - A white eagles head.
Notable Characters - Chapter Master Corbulo, 2nd Company Captain Verimus, Chief Librarian Euzairu, Head Chaplain Anodus, Chief Apothecary Vadien, Veteran Champion Korol, Venerable Dreadnought Sejanus.
Preferred Enemy - Orks
Battle Tactics - Pin down enemy with Tactical marines and Devastators, then outflank with Land Speeders and Assault squads.

27-08-2008, 17:50
If you guys are interested in having a picture to go with your colour scheme description, might i suggest this (http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/index.php?autocom=pages&do=show&id=1)? A pictures worth a thousand words.

The v5.0 beta is harder to use but has better wargear options. Try it out. Here are some examples of more of my chapter from the space marine painter: Sergent (http://bolterandchainsword.com/sms.php?bpe=2E2727&bpj=A6A2A2&bp=2E2727&bpc=2E2727&hdt=2E2727&hdm=2E2727&hdl=2E2727&ey=FF0000&er=2E2727&pi=A6A2A2&nk=2E2727&ch=2E2727&eg=FF0000&sk=FF0000&abs=2E2727&bt=2E2727&cod=2E2727&ull=2E2727&lk=2E2727&lll=2E2727&lft=2E2727&url=2E2727&rk=FF0000&lrl=2E2727&rft=2E2727&slt=FF0000&sli=2E2727&srt=FF0000&sri=FF0000&ula=2E2727&lel=2E2727&lla=2E2727&lw=2E2727&lh=2E2727&ura=2E2727&rel=2E2727&rla=2E2727&rw=2E2727&rh=2E2727&bg=FFFFFF&rb=A6A2A2&gr=A6A2A2&grid=TRUE&wg=true&aq=true&ti=FF0000&rkg3=FFFFFF&bpr=ff0000&cs=ff0000&krk=CC0000&spl1=533B1C&spl2=533B1C&spr2=533B1C), Veteran (http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/smsbeta.php?bpe=4D4D4D&bpj=a6a6a6&bp=4D4D4D&bpc=4D4D4D&hdt=4D4D4D&hdm=4D4D4D&hdl=4D4D4D&ey=FF0000&er=4D4D4D&pi=4D4D4D&nk=4D4D4D&ch=4D4D4D&eg=FF0000&sk=FF0000&abs=4D4D4D&bt=4D4D4D&cod=4D4D4D&ull=4D4D4D&lk=4D4D4D&lll=4D4D4D&lft=4D4D4D&url=4D4D4D&rk=FF0000&lrl=4D4D4D&rft=4D4D4D&slt=FF0000&sli=4D4D4D&srt=FF0000&sri=4D4D4D&ula=4D4D4D&lel=4D4D4D&lla=4D4D4D&lw=4D4D4D&lh=4D4D4D&ura=4D4D4D&rel=4D4D4D&rla=4D4D4D&rw=4D4D4D&rh=4D4D4D&bg=FFFFFF&rb=A6A6A6&gr=A6A6A6&grid=TRUE&wg=true&hsk=true&mk8=true&tabard=B00000&slips=CC0000&veti=FF0000&rkg1=FFFFFF&bpr=FF0000&cs=ff0000&frag=00AA00&krk=CC0000&spl2=533B1C&spr2=533B1C), Captain (http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/smsbeta.php?bpe=2E2727&bpj=a6a6a6&bp=2E2727&bpc=2E2727&hdt=2E2727&hdm=2E2727&hdl=2E2727&ey=FF0000&er=2E2727&pi=a6a6a6&nk=2E2727&ch=2E2727&eg=FFB300&sk=FFB300&abs=2E2727&bt=2E2727&cod=2E2727&ull=2E2727&lk=2E2727&lll=2E2727&lft=2E2727&url=2E2727&rk=ff0000&lrl=2E2727&rft=2E2727&slt=FF0000&sli=2E2727&srt=FF0000&sri=2E2727&ula=2E2727&lel=2E2727&lla=2E2727&lw=2E2727&lh=2E2727&ura=2E2727&rel=2E2727&rla=2E2727&rw=2E2727&rh=2E2727&bg=FFFFFF&rb=A6A6A6&gr=a6a6a6&grid=TRUE&wg=true&be=FFB300&hsk=true&laurel=true&aq=true&cloak=AA0000&mk7=a6a6a6&chps=CC0000&comi=FF0000&rkg2=FFFFFF&bpr=FF0000&frag=00AA00&pws=true&spr1=533B1C&spr2=533B1C), Terminator (http://bolterandchainsword.com/tsms.php?hdt=2E2727&hdm=2E2727&hdl=2E2727&ey=FF0000&er=2E2727&pi=2E2727&nk=2E2727&cht=2E2727&ch=2E2727&abs=2E2727&bt=2E2727&btd=F5F1B5&cod=2E2727&ull=2E2727&lk=2E2727&lll=2E2727&lft=2E2727&url=2E2727&rk=FF0000&lrl=2E2727&rft=2E2727&sl=FF0000&sli=2E2727&sr=2E2727&sri=2E2727&ula=2E2727&lel=2E2727&lla=2E2727&lh=2E2727&ura=2E2727&rel=2E2727&rla=FF0000&rh=FF0000&eg=FF0000&sk=F5F1B5&rta=2E2727&lta=2E2727&lhd=F5F1B5&rhd=F5F1B5&ct=FF0000&cts=F5F1B5&camh=8F8F8F&camb=8F8F8F&cams=8F8F8F&caml=FF0000&brc=8F8F8F&rb=8F8F8F&gr=8F8F8F&bg=FFFFFF&grid=TRUE).