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25-08-2008, 06:11
It is common knowledge that there continue to be Chaos chapters. A chapter might go rogue due to corruption or a want for independance. Some are exiled, other condemned. List you own Chaos Space Marine chapters, their tactics and turtle slick history.


25-08-2008, 06:32
name: The Damn One , former 4th company- 9th company of Angel of steel , second founding of the Iron Hands .
Leader : chief company master Tuss Riger

history: cleanece order issue by ]=[ and the order was carry by 4 astarter chapter , which is due to the high rate of gene seed mutuation and unquie psyche abilty during 37M 341.54 . Tuss Riger was the only master break out the defance of the ]=[ successfully , while the others are either dead in the space battle or from the orbit stike . altought with the help form a pistol dancing warrior .

25-08-2008, 16:27
Fallen Angels, tactics are similiar to night lords and honestly the story is fairly well known, although I feel that most of the Fallen should be regarded as outlaws as there are more of them than those that have completly turned to Chaos.

28-08-2008, 18:46
The Bloodhunters

Former Blood Angels who have given in to the Red Thirst. Models use a combo of Night Lord conversion packs and fantasy Vampire Lords. Greater Deamon is the fantasy giant bat monster (forget its name). Furies and Bat swarms are also used. Also included in the army are legions of Thralls used for blood Tithes (peasants who have been subdued by the Bloodhunters for food and are sent into battle as mindless hords wielding nothing but basic hand weapons) These human troops are controled by the Tithe lords (Acolytes in service of the Bloodhunters who wield Eviscerators) and backed up by Ogryn muscle (every vampire army needs an Egor):cheese: