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25-08-2008, 14:31
Hello to all again

Decided to make a blog with the random things i muster from my bits box, or anything that just takes my intrest.

Anyway first up is a truscale marine, not as good as those seen by others but not bad i think for a first try, and complete inspriation comes from Synapses World Eaters, just had a big urge to make my own after seeing his thread.

Anyway enough with the talk here are the pics of the wip marine :

27-08-2008, 22:48
No comments.....

anyway not really an update just a list of things to come;

True Scale Possessed Chaos Marines, can't wait to do these.

Desert/ash-waste Nomads, Made from renegade miltia and tallarn, finished the scout so far (one riding a Mukalii) but no pic because lighting and camera flash is a bit dodgy at the moment.

Also plan on doing some fantasy stuff, started on a beastlord converted from a centigor.

Tonight I'm paiting Khamul the Easterling, didn't know I had him in my bit box so dcided to give him a lil paintjob.

Till i get pics this is all i've got : /

finished the marine and some ot

27-08-2008, 23:11
It seems to be a bit quiet here at Warseer... I haven't got any comments in yet either, even though I have been updating like mad!

Oh well... Must be the season.

Anyhoo, I love the base! I like the shoulder pad too!!

27-08-2008, 23:19
The base looks fantastic mate! how are you planing on painting it?

28-08-2008, 23:51
ooooo coments :)

cheers guys glad you like the base, plan paiting the marine either in imperial fist's colours or Crimson fist colours. The base will be painted in muddy colours.

Anyway havea little update, not on the marine but on the desert/ash-waste nomads.

Here's the wip scout on Mukalii

29-08-2008, 18:00
I love those Mukalii, they are cute! :)

conversion on that guy is great.

In regards to you TS marine, he looks alright, but clean up those moldlines! ;)

29-08-2008, 18:29
Thanks del-patch, Mukalli never look as good in pics though as they do in person, theres so much detail and texture that it really amazed me from all the fw I've bought.

And cheers for the heads up on the mold lines, didn't actually notice:o

30-08-2008, 07:48
Nice skeleton stuff mate.
Will there be some more bitz'd marines in the future?


30-08-2008, 19:35
Nice skeleton stuff mate.
Will there be some more bitz'd marines in the future?


cheers, yh there will be more truscale marines, truse scale possessed chaos Space marines :evilgrin:

anyway here's a little conversion, centigor to very tall gor, i really like the detail on the centigor torsos aand faces so decided to try one out.

c & c welcome :)

30-08-2008, 21:56
that dude looks awsome! I love the beast men, a cool range.

31-08-2008, 02:05
that dude looks awsome! I love the beast men, a cool range.

Thanks, thinking of adding a skull or two woven in his hair, not sure yet though. And totally agree the beastman range is pretty cool, though the centigors are by far, imo, the best sculpted.