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25-08-2008, 20:08
I've posted this over in the TOFP thread but thought that i'd try & get some opinions here too plus not everyone looks at the TOFP thread (although i don't know why you wouldn't want to!). This is my 2000 point DE army which i'd like people's opinions/advice in please.

Lokhir Fellhart – 250 points

Level 2 Sorceress with Darkstar Cloak (+1 power dice) – 160 points

Level 2 Sorceress with Lifetaker (3x shot, always hits on 2+, Str 4) – 165 points

Master, lance, shield, dark steed, deathmask (causes terror) - 148 points

10 Repeater Crossbowmen, guardmaster – 105 points

10 Repeater Crossbowmen, guardmaster – 105 points

5 Dark Riders, repeater crossbows, herald – 129 points

5 Dark Riders, repeater crossbows, herald – 129 points

20 Corsairs, full command, sea serpent banner (causes frenzy) – 245 points

5 Cold One Knights, dreadknight & standard bearer – 167 points

5 x shades, ahw, bloodshade – 98 points

5 x shades, ahw, bloodshade – 98 points

2 x repeater bolt throwers – 200 points

Total = 1999 points

My plan is to basically pepper the enemy with lots of bolts/magic missiles & then engage them a unit at a time with a co-ordinated attack between knights/dark riders/corsairs. I’m hoping that the shades/dark riders & sorceresses can be used to pick off enemy warmachines/individual characters etc. I’m also planning to have a nice terror causing base as well with Lokhir & my master both causing terror, hopefully causing units to flee or at least fear the units they’re with to swing the combat in my favour. My main concerns are my lack of elite fighting unit & if I’ve spent too many points on characters.

Although Lokhir & the corsairs can bundle out plenty of attacks with frenzy & Lokhir’s swords & get double victory points for capturing units if they die to magic/shooting then that’s my main combat threat gone. My character total comes in at 723 as well which I think is a lot for a 2000 point army (although I have used a lot of troop choices to make up numbers), especially if my sorceresses mis-cast & kill themselves! If the army was 2250/2500 I’d probably use the same choices though (maybe upgrading a sorceress to level 4).

So what do people think? I've never actually palyed with DE's & this is a new army so any thoughts & advice would be gratefully recieved.

25-08-2008, 20:53
The list looks fine overall. Isn't Lokhir a hero choice? If so I would rather see you take a level 4 sorceress instead with the same items from your other two, it will save you points and allow you to do some upgrades which I am about to suggest:

-Add the Cold-Blooded Banner on your CoK's, it's an insurance policy for a turn, but trust me a cheap and effective one. Better than Geico imo.

-Transfer your Master to the CoK's (and mount him on a cold one). I think this way you'll give better support and effectiveness to your knights. You rarely want your Dark Riders engaged in combat as they are a unit that is used for harassing/march blocking and peppering units with arrows. They're just too fragile to handle most combat situations and having a hero in them for cc support is just a waste imo. You could also mount the master on a Dark Pegasus, this way he'll be able to pick out warmachine crews or lone mages and at the same time make great use of the death mask.

-Musicians would be a prudent investment for the Dark Riders.

Thats all I have, best of luck.