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25-08-2008, 22:48
Is there an actual rule that requires you have at least 5 models per rank to have multiple ranks, not ranks mind you? I haven't been able to find it, but I could have sworn that it was a requirement. I was able to find in the extra ranks section of the combat resolution section that says your unit must be five ranks wide to get the bonus, but there is nothing that I could find that says a unit must be five models wide. I see no real advantage to it, besides in some real lame situations. I ask because in the turning a unit section it shows a 5x4 unit turn to the right and have it become 4 models wide. Also it states that extra models that don't make up a full rank must be placed behind any full rank.

In reference to all that, I saw a Tomb Kings player make what I considered an illegal formation. He had a unit of three chariots that he moved into a formation with one chariot in the front rank and two in the back rank. If I'm interpreting it right, it would be possible to have two in the front and one in the back, but not 1F and 2B. I told my friend that his opponent made and illegal formation and that following the rules for fast cav in the movement phase didn't allow him to make an illegal formation, it just allows them free reforms.

Can anyone give me some clarification?

25-08-2008, 23:11
The unit does NOT have to be 5 wide (only to receive rank bonus)

A unit can however only ever be as wide as its front (so in the chariot example you will be 1 wide 3 deep)

26-08-2008, 04:10
Wadders is correct.

It prevents jackasses from "conga lining".

26-08-2008, 11:57
A unit with five models could choose to have a front rank of four and a rear rank of one. Reduces the number of front/rear attacks, but effectively doubles the flank.

Actually... here's a thought. Let's say the unit includes two characters in the front rank, and is charged in the rear rank only. It's assumed that models move back to fight - the rearmost model doesn't fight alone, but does that mean the character (either of them) could be said to be in the fighting rank, for challenges etc.?

26-08-2008, 12:21
Wadders is correct.

It prevents jackasses from "conga lining".
There's nothing to prevent "jackasses" or anyone else from conga lining - except for the fact that snaking movement no longer exists in 7th edition. You can still move in a single file, you just have to wheel as normal.

As to the original question, Wadders pretty much has it wrapped up. You can place the models in any formation, but only the rearmost rank can have a different number of models to the others, and if it does then it must have less models.

narrativium, I would say yes. The diagram on p36 is pretty clear that specific models get to fight in that situation, so any character not hidden behind a rear-ranker would be fighting.

26-08-2008, 15:57
Thanks for the responses. I don't have the time to study the book as extensively as I used to, so I wasn't sure if there was a rule with this requirement.

27-08-2008, 09:23
Try p.6 of the BRB, on Forming up a Unit.