View Full Version : demon prince w/ marks of chaos

26-08-2008, 05:20
i'm a bit confuse about the marks from Demon of chaos army book.

Can somebody explain to me what the marks do now?

Example: Bloodthirster doesn't have mark of khorne. Bloodletter do not have mark. But DP has an option to take the mark. What does the mark do?

So in short, Can somebody tell me the 5 marks:

Only DP can take marks correct? Nobody in the army list have any marks but DP right?

Lord Aries
26-08-2008, 05:22
Yes, only the DP gets to take a mark...

There is no undivided mark... there is only one benefit for taking a mark...

If you take a mark, you can take daemonic gifts from that God's GD list, in addition to the ones on your list.

DPs really suck.... long and hard.

26-08-2008, 05:54
yeah, DPs are the suxxor. They can't even be lvl 4 casters. Greater Daemons are almost ALWAYS cheaper for what they do. yeah, they're large targets, but they're SOOOO much better.