View Full Version : 1000 pts. Dark Elves, rough draft.

07-11-2005, 02:39
After some ulcer-inducing stunts performed by my beloved yet woefully undisciplined Beastmen during a 1000 pts. tournament last saturday, I've vowed to never again suffer a Ld 7 general. This means I need a new 1000 pts. alternative, as my side army (VC) would also be severely limited in a small-game context. Looking at the elements I wanted to include, in order to get something different from my normal fare, I ended up with the following criteria:

Disciplined. Rock hard leadership, and no silly misbehaviour rules.
The capacity for large ranked regiments.
Some sort of cavalry.
Ranged weapons.
Not lizardmen. Lizardmen is an annoying army for and by cowards, and I hate them.
Nothing too shiny.

This pretty much left me with Dark Elves. Dark Elves are silly because they are elves, but they're also pretty damn evil, so I'm willing to make a compromise. Some of their models are pretty neat as well. So, I've made this very rough draft, incorporating the elements I like, and staying away from the units with the silliest miniatures.

Noble, great weapon, heavy armour, sea dragon cloak (86).
24 Warriors, full command, shields (217).
12 Warriors, crossbows (135).
5 Dark Riders, musician (97).
12 Executioners, musician (138).
5 Cold One Knights, musician 154).
Repeater Bolt Thrower (100).

This comes out at 924 points, with 76 to burn. I'm a bit puzzled on where to spend it. The noble could benefit from some sort of magical gear, but I'm having a lot of trouble figuring out what. I'm thinking the Seal of Ghond and Armour of Darkness, but I don't know if the Armour requires the shield to be used to benefit from the effects (It doesn't say). Any of the regiments that could benefit from a little bulking out? What about expanding the various commands? I feel the Executioners and Knights might benefit tremendeously from a magic banner to up their Oomph! to near-obscene levels. I'm also considering dumping two of the crossbowmen over to the spears and add a few more, to bulk it up from 5x5 to 6x5.

Anyways, so far I'm happy I managed to cram pretty much everything I wanted in it, with a little points to spare. Any comments on it?