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26-08-2008, 12:04
Hellebron carries 2 magic weapons on is the Deathsword, the other is a Parrying Blade.

The Parrying Blade allows Hellebron to reduce the number of attacks her opponent in a challenge or a model in base contact with her by 1. The rules then refer you to the Hand of Khaine ability on page 99, for full rules.

Now the hand of Khaine escribes the process of how to reduce the enemies attacks, but at the end it says does noteffect enemies immune to psychology. I can just about understand why the hand of Khaine does not effect enemies immine to psychology but I can not understand why the parrying blade does not work against them.

Is this a cock up in the parrying blades rules, an intentional rule by GW or a mistake in the printing of he hand of Khaine rules because the ability below it, Cry of War, the ability that reduces enemy WS by freezing the enemy with horror does effect units that are immune to psychology.

I personaly think its the 3rd possibility. It looks to me like someone has cocked up with Cry of War.

Count Zero
26-08-2008, 17:47
well there are quite a few things in the DE book with inconsistencies, especially in the magic items section. such as no confirmaiton that caledors bane is a lance, the item that allows re-roll shooting: no confirmation on how many turns its effects last (just says 1 use only),
whereas others with simalar effects such as the fear causing stone clealy state their duration.

26-08-2008, 20:24
RAW until told otherwise by an FAQ. Who's to say that the Parrying Blade works by deflecting an opponent's attacks? The magical effect could just as easily be clouding an opponent's judgement with the same end result. Hence it doesn't work on foes who are immune to psychology.

26-08-2008, 23:19
The parrying blade rules refer you to the hand of khaine rules. These tell you exactly how it works. There should be no debate IMO. You apply all the Hand of Khaine rules, not just the ones you like.

27-08-2008, 00:18
I understand that the full hand of Khaine rule must be used, its the fact that the full rule does not make logical sense for the ability of hand of khaine, which is a disraction, or the parrying blade which is a sword that moves of its own accord and blocks enemies attacks.

By their descriptions Hand of Khaine should effect all units and Cry of War should only work against units that are not immune to pyschology. I will be usig the full hand of Khaine rules when fielding Hellebron, I just think the rule itself is stupid.

27-08-2008, 02:29
Background text is not the rules and is not relevant in a rules discussion.