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26-08-2008, 17:33
As the title suggests i've tried to make a "competitive" list so this is what i've came up with. Preferably i would like to keep it a whole elf list as some one already has a forest spirit army so i don't want to look like i've just copied him as his wood elves have won a lot. So here it is:


Highborn 325pts
Wild Rider Kindred
Great Stag
The Oaken Armour
Spear Twilight


Noble 192pts
Army Standard Bearer
Light Armour
Royal Standard of Ariel

Spellsinger 140pts
2 x Dispel Scrolls

Spellsinger 140pts
2 x Dispel Scrolls


19 Eternal Guard 258pts
Standard Bearer

3 x 10 Glade Guard 360pts


10 Wild Riders 346pts
Standard Bearer
Faoghir Banner of Dwindling

2 x 8 Wardancers 330pts


6 x Waywatchers 152pts

Total 2243pts

C&C welcome

26-08-2008, 18:41
That's a lot of points in charatcers, especially in anti-magic.

Do you play against a lot of magic?

26-08-2008, 19:21
That's also an awfully expensive BSB... If he ever gets into combat, you know that people will aim their attacks at him. I almost never take magical banners on a BSB anymore for that reason - just having a BSB is nice enough :).

I think, overall, that you would do well to concentrate less points in the highborn and wild riders and at least add a squad of Warhawk Riders.

26-08-2008, 19:32
not a bad looking list, really.

to tweak it i'd say the same as above adding...

i'd drop one dispel scroll on each singer giving them the deepwood sphere/oak staff, make 'em wild and throw them in with units of glade riders... never failed me...

eternal guard make my face hurt... never seen them work out overly well for anyone... i had a pump wagon flank and break a unit of 25 one game... but hey, you might have better luck...

i personally never run a bsb in my we forces as i'm flitting about the field willy nilly...

also try running a hero general instead of a lord... it'll make the eternal guard that much less attractive but thems the breaks...

good luck!