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26-08-2008, 20:28
So this is my first army list in a while; so many tasty options with the new army book its incredible. I have wanted to do a Bretonnian themed vampire army for a long time and the new models really let you go to town on this. I am looking at a theme built around the Red Duke of Bretonnia. I have imposed some limits on myself because of this. For starters, I have gone for one Vampire character; The Duke himself. I don't want him to have other vampires as his arrogance is so great! Instead he supplements himself by resurrecting one of his greatest knights as a Wight, and enslaves travelling necromancers to do his bidding. In assembling his horde he has attracted a monstrous Varghulf and his ghoulish minions; The Duke feels that this hideous creature could be of some benefit and so he allows the monster to join his retinue. The list is built around a core of skellies and corpse-cart necromancer units with smaller flank-charging crypt ghoul support units. To the sides sweep the Duke himself accompanied by his black knights with a number of Fell Bats and a dire wolf screen; to the other flank leads the Wight King and his retinue, along with the Varghulf to help with marching, and another dire wolf screen. Once the knights get to where they need to be, the Varghulf, wolves, and fell bats can all act to then hunt solos and warmachines, or can be used for baiting annoying units. The Lord himself uses IoN most, bulking up the skeletons whilst the Necromancer's ensure the rest of the army keeps moving via VDM.

The list itself:

LORD - Vampire Lord (Level 3) - Master of the Black Arts, Dread Knight, Lord of the Dead, Walach's Bloody Hauberk, Black Periapt, Sword of Might - 425pts.

HERO - Wight king on barded skeletal steed, Sword of Kings - 120pts.

HERO - Necromancer with Dispel Scroll on Corpsecart with Balefire - 180pts.

HERO - Necromancer with Book of Arkhan on Corpsecart with Balefire - 180pts.

CORE - 17 Skeletons with Full Command and Warbanner - 181pts.

CORE - 17 Skeletons with Full Command and Banner of the Dead Legion - 181pts.

CORE - 10 Crypt Ghouls - 80pts. (x2)

CORE - 5 Dire Wolves - 40pts. (x2)

SPECIAL - 6 Barded Black Knights with Full Command and Royal Standard of Strigos - 243pts.

SPECIAL - 6 Barded Black Knights with Full Command and Banner of the Barrows - 253pts.

SPECIAL - 3 Fell Bats - 60pts.

RARE - Varghulf - 175pts.


So what do you think? I'm torn between running with theme and what's considered 'best' which is to have your lord on foot leading your horde; but it feels so wrong for this theme! Same thing goes for running 2 units of black knights; I could drop one and switch to grave guard, but... it feels wrong!

What do people think?



26-08-2008, 21:24
I think your magic is in big trouble here. For necromancers to get anything off they need to use the pool dice. This only leaves five dice for your lord to summon with, meaning it will only work 3.33 time and that's all your opponent needs to stop in order to stop from getting anything other than zombies.

Also think about dropping the champ and musician from the black knights as those upgrades don't really help that much. Banner of undead legion is also nasty on knights (US4 each).