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27-08-2008, 00:52
Well after playing 10 or more games with the new book i have collected some of my and some friends observations and i thought i'd share some of them.

Dreadlord is in all respects a copy of a HE prince with hatred instead of ASF he is still a decent fighter. the only drwaback i have found is he has trouble dishing out damage after the initial round of CC which his HE counterpart does not.

Death Hag is a decent character with some nasty CC abilities but without protection, combining a BSB with some runes of khaine makes her really nasty to low armour units.

Master is a lot like the Dreadlord in that he is quite bland and lacks anything really special, in fact we have never fielded one yet.

Supreme Sorceress and Sorceress are good casters and their spells have been inproved and who doesn't love the power of darkness spell, but they are really lacking in magic item choice.

Assasins are very fun and quite improved, so much that i will remove a unit just to include on in a list.

Black ark Corsairs have not changed that much and they are still really only any good against low armour troops but then again so are warriors, i personally would take warriors over corsairs.

Warriors are the cheap of the cheap and thats how i like them, they can even take a mgic banner( if it was worth it).

Repeater crossbowmen are a very good missile troop and with armour piercing it just made them that much better.

Darkriders are still one of the greatest Druchii core units available too bad that GW didn't make new models in plastic:mad:

Black Guard are now the undisputed best DE unti available, with 2 attacks at str 4 and stubborn with ITP they will never auto flee which is really good for stubborn troops, i love these guys so much that i must build a Naggarond army with 2 units.

Har Ganeth Executioners are one of the units i believe have gone down in status, why take these guys instead of BG. In the games i have used them they have failed everytime because you can't make them immune to psychology, they can't have a good character with them that can carry magic items and the banners available to them are not that hot. i find if you don't bring a cauldron then don't bring these guys.

Coldone Knights are still one of the better cavalry untis of the game and with a higher strength and hatred they got better but they are still stupid and lost access to the banner that made them charge further :(

Shades are now a very good unit that can even fight with 2 HW or Greatweapon and their stats rock.:)

Hydra is the most improved unit in the list, i want 1 and maybe 2.

Coldone Chariot got better crew stats,and free Repeatercrossbows but lost the 2 for 1 which was bad, but 1 every now and then can be a fun addition to an army just don't depend on it.

Harpies are now core and can use the generals LD at last

Boltthrowers are the same.

Magic Items:
De have a lot of Weapons but few are really impressive,Ditto with the Enchanted items they do have a few but most are one use only and overpriced at best.Arcane items are decent and the armours are pretty good, the talismans are o.kish but the Pendant of Khaeleth is too good for it's points. The Magic Banners are few and not the greatest hell the VC got b=more and better banners and for all the units that can have a 25 pts. banner(warriors,corsairs,witches,Executioners)DE got 4

Magic Spells: unlike the remake of the VC in which i hated their new spells with the short range and the ION spamming i truely love the Dark magic selection and their free spell very DE

27-08-2008, 02:06
And in general are you happy with the new army as a whole?

27-08-2008, 05:03
As a whole yes, at least more so then say the HE or VC. The HE were an easy fix and didn't delve enough into the background to make each unit unique. The VC on the other hand changed so dramatically in style off play and background with GW killing off the bloodlines and going all Von carstein that it was too much. The DE are now one of the most enjoyable armies to play for sheer ruthlessness and flexibility