View Full Version : Warhammer Fantasy Skirmish using LotR Rules

26-08-2008, 23:57
Has anyone ever proposed or considered using GW's Lord of the Ring's
Rules in conjunction with Warhammer Fantasy races?

Yes, I am aware that Warhammer Fantasy has it's own skirmish rules,
but I find LotR's rules simply better. What I am proposing is writing
up army lists and points costs for each Warhammer Fantasy race for
LotR. I think that would be neat, as well that I would like the idea of
using some of the Warhammer Fantasy models in a LotR ruleset.

One could also, I suppoooose, use 'count as' rules for each model, but
I find the idea of creating new unit rules for existing Warhammer models
to be much more interesting and exciting.

What do you think?

27-08-2008, 03:03
Ok. So I began to tinker around. I haven't strayed
too far from the stats. for elves in creating a stat-
line for both a dark elf captain and a dark elf warrior
as that is the WHFB army I play. I wanted to include
Hatred as a rule, as it is ever so flavorful, and so dropped
the 'Woodland Creatures' from the profile and included
an LotR version of Hatred while adding 5 pts. to the
captain profile and 1-point to the warrior profile as it
seems appropriate for the loss of 'moving through terrain'
and replacing it with 're-rolling' 1's.

Dark Elf Captain:

+5 points

Stat-line same as elf captain in the LotR book.

The exceptions are as follows:

Hatred: during combat, reroll all 1's. Simple as pie.
-Drop 'Woodland Creatures'.


draich (same as elven blade)........5 point
repeating crossbow....................10 pts.
-use same mechanic as hatred, reroll
1's to hit to represent a greater chance
to hit since shot is 'repeating'

cold one..................................15 pts.
-Cold one stats same as horse with the
exception of S +1 and D +1. Not sure
how to represent fear, perhaps on a failed
Courage test, opponent is -1 to fight roll?
Stupidity = Courage test for rider before
moving or may not move?

Dark Elf Warrior

+1 points value

Same stat-line as elf warrior in LotR rulebook.

Again, add Hatred and drop 'Woodland Creatures'.


draich........1 pt.
RxB...........4 pts.

That's about all I've come up with. Let me
know if you think that is balanced, or if you
even care.

Feel free to comment, offer suggestions, critique,
or even your own version of either the above profiles
or profiles for other fantasy armies.