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27-08-2008, 16:50
For a change of pace from my Eldar I'm going to pick up some flagellants and paint them up. Because I like the idea of this being my first step into Warhammer I thought I'd plan out a little list that would help me get to grips with ins and outs of the game. It's not optimised to win; I've tried to balance it with information from various tactica and also the fluff. Here we go!

Warrior Priest- Great weapon, heavy armour, warhorse with barding- 112

25 Spearmen- Champion, Standard, Musician- 150
(Detachment) 9 Halberdiers- 45
(Detachment) 10 Hand gunners- 80

10 Flagellants- Prophet of Doom- 110

All comes to 497.

The warrior priest will be deployed with the spearmen. I'm going for the warrior priest for the balance between combat and magic defence. He's mounted so he can be deployed with knights if I ever make the push to 1000 points.

The reasoning behind the spearmen is that they fight in two ranks, which when coupled with hatred (from the priest) I anticipate being quite nasty.

Halberdiers are nice and fluffy, that's all. I decided to go for hand gunners as I prefer the models.

I'm rounding off the 500 points with a unit of flagellants. They're my major draw to the Empire and they should be good for holding a flank. Also they tie in thematically with the warrior priest.

So, any good? Any advise?

27-08-2008, 17:17
Firstly, it's an illegal army. You need 2 Core choices... Secondly, as a starting piece with some nice background like stuff that ties together, I always liked something like this:

Warrior Priest 126
Heavy armour, shield, Doomfire Ring

20 Free Company 112
Musician, standard bearer

20 Free Company 112
Musician, standard bearer

15 Flagellants 150
500 points
56 models
2 Power dice and 3 Dispel dice
2 Bound Spells

It keeps with the roaming Priest background that then (at 1000 points) make the Free Company Detachments for units of Swordsmen/Spearmen - which is really quite nasty...

27-08-2008, 17:35
Firstly, it's an illegal army. You need 2 Core choices...

Sorry but it is legal, first core choice is the spearmen, the second is the flagellants (flagellants become core if you take a priest, Empire army book p.79).

That being said, thanks for the feedback. I like the inclusion of the doomfire ring though, adds some good offensive power. I also like your suggestion of militia troops, makes the army look like a warrior priest and his nutty congregation.

The reason I went for state troops is because I'm planning on learning the ropes with this little list and state troops allow detachments. Also your list lacks shooting and that's something else I'd like a go at.

I'll try and find a balance between the two lists, the state troops and flagellant core with militia as detachments.

27-08-2008, 17:42
Fair enough, but I would recommend either the Doomfire Ring or another Bound Spell. At this level there's going to be not much Magic, so with 2 spells you might get one off.
With the Spearmen, I would shrink them down so you could bulk up the Flaggelants a little bit. And with the detachments, grab a small unit of something, 10 Swordsmen or Free Company, so you can charge and negate their flanks at the same time.
Personally, I would swap the Handgunners out, because since they're move or fire, they can't do much for a couple of turns.

27-08-2008, 17:49
Less spearmen for more flagellants sounds like a solid idea to me. I was going to use the halberdiers for flank changing, do you suggest swapping them out for swordsmen/ militia. Also you stated that the move or fire on the handgunners may be an issue; with that in mind how do archers weigh up against hand gunners and crossbowmen?

27-08-2008, 18:23
Personally, I prefer Swordsmen/Militia. Swordsmen have better WS and I, and get the hand weapon and shield combo, meaning they have a 4+ armour save in close combat. And Militia have got 2 Attacks each, and are cheap, which is always nice. Personally, Halberdiers are soso, sure, they have Strength 4, but the others have got better bonuses IMO.

I feel Handgunners are better not as detachments, just take a couple of units of 10 to lend some long range support, delay enemies trying to take out war machines etc.
I always like Archers, as they Skirmish, which is always nice. Plus, it gives you another rule, which is either a good or bad thing, depending on whether you want to learn about that rule...

I prefer to take combat Detachments always, and just use the shooting stuff from the back. But that's just me

27-08-2008, 18:57
Warrior Priest- Great weapon, heavy armour, warhorse with barding, Sigil of Sigmar- 127

20 Swordsmen - Duallist, Standard, Musician- 145
(Detachment) 9 Free Company Fighters- 45

10 Archers- 80

10 Flagellants- 100

All comes to 497 (again).

Taken on board what you said. Trying a different rule was really the big sell of archers over hand gunners. The mix of militia, state troops and flagellants looks really nice, I'm leaning towards Stirland for a colour scheme.

I'm not sold on the Doomfire ring. It doesn't fit in with my idea of a warrior priest. I guess offensive magic is on my list for the next 500 points, along with cavalry, fast cavalry and a war machine. The Sigil of Sigmar is a bit left field, I had a spare 18 points and it seemed like a fluffy choice and a way to effectively immune myself to enemy magic. Any alternative ideas for those 18 points would be welcome!

Thanks for all the advice UltimateNagash, it's been really helpful.

27-08-2008, 19:09
I prefer to think of it as The "Burn in the Fires of Hell for your Sins" Ring, but each to their own...

Looks cool, but I would recommend getting an extra rank for your Flagellants - I always go for at least 15 models in a unit to get a good +2 rank bonus.
When you say Fighters, what do you mean?

And I don't see the need to mount the Warrior Priest, I suppose the extra armour is good, but you could go Armour of Meteroic Iron, which is cheaper. Sure, you don't get a bonus in movement, but at this level, you don't want your General going off on his own...
Another thing to do is you should drop the great weapon, unless you're on foot. The Sword of Sigismund, Sword of Power, Sword of Righteous Steel and Hammer of Judgement are all good items for a Priest. Combine any of those with Hammer of Sigmar and it's really quite painful...

An alternative idea would be to use two Heroes, one with the Doomfire, and the other either a Wizard or something that has Silver Horn. That's also a nice item IMO...

Offensive Magic is surprisingly effective at low points costs. Two Warrior Priests with 2 Bound Items, or a Warrior Priest and a Wizard are both really harsh, as you could cast 5 spells in one turn (including Bound Spells). Of course, it gets rather expensive, but with a large block of Flagellants as well, it shouldn't matter as much (Unbreakable is always good)...

28-08-2008, 15:09
Sorry, when I wrote 'fighters' I was refering to the free company. I'll edited that post for clarity.

I think I'm going to stay with one hero for now, this isn't a WAAC army, all I want to do is try out the game with a variety of different troops/ rules.

The reason I'm leaning towards the horse is mostly because I feel like painting one, I haven't before and it'll be something different. I was thinking that if I expand the 500 points I could add the warrior priest to some knights, thinking ahead you see. Also I like the image of the warrior priest preaching from horse back to his scruffy Stirland rabble. ;)

I'm going to look into the magic weapons though. If I take one it'll allow me to take a shield on the priest, huzzah!

28-08-2008, 15:24
A good list indeed sir! I am guessing your going to form the flaggelants into a long line to maximise their attacks. The thin, brown line. Think about it.

I would recomend leaving the great weapon at home, as it only adds +1 strength and he cannot use a shield. Hammer of Judgement is quite fluffy as well...

28-08-2008, 15:53
Two heroes doesn't equal powergaming... Some armies have to have two Heroes (Tomb Kings especially)... And two Warrior Priests isn't power gaming, it's just making sure you can get something off. Three Bound Spells versus 2-3 Dispel Dice is much better odds than 1 Bound Spell versus 2 Dispel Dice. I'm just trying to maximise on what you're using, and you're wasting some points on the Warrior Priest as he can't use his Prayers, which are awesome.

28-08-2008, 17:43
The bugbear with taking two heroes is that it leaves me with less troops, a second hero can be added into the second 500 points.

Ok here we go, take three!

Warrior Priest- Sword of Justice (modelled as a hammer), heavy armour, shield, warhorse with - 130

20 Swordsmen - Dualist, Standard, Musician- 145
(Detachment) 9 Free Company Fighters- 45

10 Archers- 80

10 Flagellants- 100

500 points on the nose.

With this I get to try a standard infantry block, the detachment rules, shooting, skirmishing and various psych. rules (hatred from priest, frenzy from the flagellants). The priest is still on the horse for the save and also so that down the line he can join some knights.

That leaves me with offensive magic, cavalry, fast cavalry and a war machine to fit into the next 500 points which seems reasonable enough.