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27-08-2008, 19:48
Okay, I have a 1500 point tourney coming up with lots of newer players and an emphasis on comp/ fluff. This is a list based off of a Bretonnian themed VC army....thoughts?

Vampire with Dread Knight, Lord of the Dead, Tomb Blade and Black Periapt
180 pts.

this is the fallen king. He'll sit in the following unit kicking ****....

23 Skeletons, Full command, Spears
227 pts.

I know this is a lot of models, but with such a weak Magic Phase I want the strong CR right away.

Necromancer with Corpse Cart, Book of Arkhan, IoN
165 pts.

Unit of 20 skeletons with full command
188 pts.

Lord of the Barrows
75 pts.
My favorite hero level character in the game.

Unit of 24 Skeletons with full command
212 pts.

Bat Swarm
105 pts.

15 crypt Ghouls
180 pts.

5 Black Knights, Full command, Banner of the Barrows
225 pts.

28-08-2008, 13:54

28-08-2008, 15:25
Tomb King
75 pts

Ohh... Never buy spears, as they are worse than hand weapons and costs more...

Geordie Vampire
28-08-2008, 15:43
dont bother giving a vampire tomb blade when he has dread knight because tomb blade is for when a vampire is in a unit of skellies where as dread knight sticks him on barded horse with lance. if hes joining a unit o skellies better to give him infinite hatred with lord of the dead and flayed hauberk and tomb blade. please dont stick him in a horse if hes joining skellies. spears are near pointless for undead.
Tomb King 75pts??? where has he came from???
5 black knights on there own are not worth it. get rid of bat swarm to either have unit of 22 zombies with command or another 3 black knights and give them all barding.
or get rid of ghouls and bats and have another unit of black knights for other flank with 60pts left over get barding and a few more skellies.
sorry for basically tearing youre army to shreads there but honestly they just seem like random units to me. and some doesnt quite add up.

28-08-2008, 18:19
I'm sorry-The Tomb King is a basic Wight King.

A few things I have to inquire about, as I haven't playe dmuch Fantasy of late...

1-why no mounted unit in skellies?

2-why are spears so hated? I figured the extra rank can actually allow some hits...

Geordie Vampire
28-08-2008, 18:25
because if hes mounted but in a unit of skellies it doesnt make the skellies move any quicker at horses pace so there is 20pts of Vampiric powers that can be put to better use. and i dont know i just feel like there not worth it in my past experience this is me personally they have just never done any extra damage that is worth the points even though they are cheap i could get a few extra zombies instead also ive been told that if they are armed with spears they dont get hand weapon and shield save in combat. as light armour and shield is 5+ save in and out of combat but if its hand weapon, light armour and shield its 5+ save out of combat and 4+ in combat. thats with out armour save modifiers.

28-08-2008, 18:35
Thanks to everyone for the feedback. I do believe that even with spears you can opt to fight Hand weapon and shield for +1 save...but I could be wrong.

I do want to point out this is a soft fluff list for a newb tourney...I'm more afraid of it being too tough for newer players-so the feedback I am getting is encouraging.

The mounted vampire is just too cool to pass up...and every know and then it is fun to charge out of a unit on horseback...

Geordie Vampire
28-08-2008, 18:38
well if you must have your vampire on a horse i would at least suggest putting him in your unit of black knights that way he wont die due to combat resolution because undead general dies that spells bad news for rest of the army and what funs that? and get rid of bats and ghouls have another unit of black knights and give them all barding at 4pts a model that means 2+ save rather than 3+

28-08-2008, 18:41
well if you must have your vampire on a horse i would at least suggest putting him in your unit of black knights

That does take their ethereal mobility, doesn't it?

But that is an option that I use with the list sometimes. Depends on the opponent.

Since 7th gave back "look out, sir" to models on cav...it's just too sweet to see that Giant Nightmare in the middle of a sea of spears...

Geordie Vampire
28-08-2008, 18:50
yeah it does mean it gives up ethereal mobility.
and honestly charging a mounted model out of spearman ON HIS OWN makes him vunerable please dont do that unless actually persuing a fleeing enemy. i advice you at the very least just keep him in a unit rather than sending him out on his own.
and the hell with newer players they have to learn sometime that there are harsh armies out there