View Full Version : All Slaanesh DoC viable?

El Haroldo
28-08-2008, 04:37
Ok, so the rules allow it, the book encourages it, but I'm still keen to do the all Slaanesh thing. Am I crazy? Will it work?

The dark prince seems to have got the short end of the stick in the way of characters. On the plus side, magic seems good and troops are fast fast fast, which is what I enjoy.

So how to do it?

28-08-2008, 05:46
the strength behind a mono-slaanesh DoC is the speed, using the masque + a greater demon + heralds with a core of demonettes and the pleasure seekers (the name of the new mounted demonettes escapes me) with the fiends of slaanesh.

MSU of demonettes are recommended....

28-08-2008, 07:27
It can do very well. It's actually the list I end up using most often for my Daemons. In 2k I typically run a KoS, The Masque, 2 Heralds (one of which is a BSB) 2x 15 Daemonettes, 1x 10 Daemonettes, 2x 5 Seekers, and a Fiend or 2. You can also swap Fiends for Daemonettes or vice versa.

I play around with Daemonic Gifts, so I don't have any fixed combos, but this list tends to do pretty well.

El Haroldo
28-08-2008, 07:45
Sounds somewhat limited in the way of troop types doesn't it?

Is there any value in doing up a Chariot? Seeker drawn tiranoc chariot sounds like a fun project but I'm not going to bother if they are worth feilding.

This reliance on the masque doesn't sit well with me either.

28-08-2008, 08:14
Mono slaanesh is fairly dependant on using the masque IMO. She works really well in conjunction with the lore of slaanesh as well as the daemonic gifts. Add in the standard that gives enemies -2 to leadership and there is definetly potential for nasty combo's. With any mono list though your success will be very much dependant upon what armies you face. Slaanesh for example will have a tough time against dwarves and chaos due to their high toughness and armour.
All the demon chariots are good additions, the seeker chariot with ether blade or many armed monstrosity can really hurt RnF.

28-08-2008, 10:42
slaanesh has very powerful magic as well but the problem is that asides from a keeper u do not have much magic thats why if i want to play competitive games with slaanesh, i would take a keeper, the masque, and a herald of tzeentch. then take a big block of horrors and 2 small units of daemonnettes. then fill up rare slots with 5 flamers and 2 fiends. and anything left for specials i get flesh hounds. really fast hard hitting army and terror bombing and lots of M16-20. and around 11pd and like 6-7dd. thus i will dominate the magic phase (in most cases) and distract other peoples mages and guns by charging them early.

28-08-2008, 11:03
The combination of masque, phantasmagoria, -2 ld BSB and terror/fear should be nice.
And for the ItP crowd, lots and lots of ASF combined with tons of ArP attacks and the fastest army in the game :)
I know a player who has won a tournament with a mono-slaanesh list.

I honestly think Slaanesh lore might be the most powerful in the game.. Such a shame that heralds are only lvl1 tough.