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28-08-2008, 16:53
So I played my fifth dwarf game yesterday. There were at 2-2 and I really needed some more practice with them to figure out what I'm doing wrong...

I had lot my gyrocopter and thus had to change my list to this:

Dwarf lord w/ shield bearers, shield, rune of smiting, 2X rune of cleaving
Runelord w/ anvil of doom w/ shield, 2X rune of spell breaking, rune of stone
BSB thane w/ rune of stone, rune of challenge
Thane w/ rune of resistance, rune of stone, shield

24 warriors w/ banner, musician, shields
24 warriors w/ banner, musician, shields

10 quarrellers
10 quarrellers
10 quarrellers
10 thunderers
10 thunderers

19 hammerers w/ full command, shield w/ rune of grungni
10 miners w/ banner
10 miners w/ banner
bolt thrower w/ rune of skewering, rune of burning
bolt thrower w/ rune of penetrating
cannon w/ rune of burning

organ gun
organ gun

Having to add the extra unit of quarellers made it more of a gunline than I wanted it to, but what can you do...

Her list: (As best as I can remember)

Alter Highborn w/ bow of loren, arkain bodkins
Lvl 4 mage (lore of life)
Eternal Noble w/ hail of doom (probably had other stuff)
Lvl 2 mage (lore of life)
Dryad hero

19 eteral guard w/ full command
20 glade guard
10 glade guard
10 glade guard
12ish dryads w/ champ

3 war hawks
12ish war dancers
4 treekin

7 waywatchers
7 waywatchers

The board was 4X6 and the only terrain that mattered was some woods in the center of the board, a group of woods on the left flank, a building in the right part of my deployment zone, and a group of woods in the right of her deployment zone.

For deployment I really got messed up... I still have no idea what kind of formation to do if I don't have a hill. So all you long time dwarf players please don't laugh at me but give tips if you can.

From left to right I had a unit of quarellers just left of the center trees, cannon, quarellers angled to the clearering on the right, warriors w/ BSB and quarellers in the building behind them, organ gun, burning bolt thrower, hammerers w/ lord, thunderers w/ anvil behind, warriors w/ thane, and finally thunderers angled toward the opening since I ran out of room. (Those lines of guns make it hard to castle...)

She deployed from left to right: treean across from my first quarellers (we basically didn't use the left third of the board), dryads w/ hero, 20 archers w/ lord, eternal guard w/ noble, glade guard, glade guard w/ hero mage, wardancers and alter highborn in the trees, treekin w/ warhawks in front.

Waywatchers went into the trees in the center and on my left flank (any one surprised?)

I won the roll for first turn but gave it to her since a lot of my stuff would be out of range.

Pre-game thoughts: As I said I really wanted a win to put this army in the green, but I wasn't feeling overly confident. With all those archers she could out range a lot of my stuff and whittle me down with the skirmishers came in for the kill. The organ gun would help me against these, but I know they would be her first priority. With two flaming warmachines I should be able to deal with the treeman too.

Turn 1 WE:

Waywatchers move to the edge of the trees. Treeman and dryads move up the left flank. Eternal guard moves up, as does the wardancers and alter highborn, although they all stay in the woods. Hawks fly towards me about a foot and treemen follow behind. In the magic phase the treeman moves the left trees so the waywatchers have a better shot at my cannon, and with irresitable force master of stone kills off the crew of my left organgun. In the shooting phase the waywatchers kill 1 of the cannon crew, Alter boy kills a crew from the other organ gun, I lose a few warriors, and two thunderers from the left unit. (She hates wounding on 5+)

Turn 1 Dwarfs:

Left warriors turn a bit to face waywatchers in center trees. Cannon over shoots the treemen, and I use my rune but the bolt thrower fails to hit the treeman on a 2+ (grrr). Quarellers shoot at the dryads but only kill 2. Thunderers wipe out warhawks. Organgun get 10 shots and kills alter boy. Anvil hits the waywatchers on the left but only kills 2.

Turn 2 WE:

I use the rune of challenge on the right waywatchers and they wisely decide to flee. All the units that moved up last time move up again. In the magic phase she move back the trees to cover the fleeing waywatchers, but I stop everything else. She uses hail of doom on the hammerers but after some bad rolling only kills 2. She tries to take out warmachines but only manages to kill 1 bolt thrower crew. 2 more warriors from the left unit die.

Turn 2 Dwarfs:

*I was in a bad spot here... she had done little damage with her shooting, but so had I and now I had more threats than I could deal with. The worst part was the right flank where I had the treekin and the wardancers to deal with. I'd have to gamble...*

A unit of miners comes in behind the hero mages archers. The BSB's unit moves towards the dryads, the hammerers move towards the eternal guard, and the thanes unit moves towards the wardancers. In the shooting phase my cannon overshoots again and misses the treeman. Both boltthrowers miss the treeman. Organgun explodes. (Gooo warmachines!) The quarellers in the building shoot at the waywatchers and miss, the other to shoot at the dryads and kill 2. Left thunderers fire on the eternal guard and kill 2. Right thunderers fire on the wardancers and kill 1. I use the anvil to charge the wardancers w/ my thane's unit. (If I don't break them and run fast enough the treekin will hit my flank.) The ninjas use the 4+ ward dance and their champ takes my thanes challenge and dies. I also kill 1 wardancer and lose a warrior. They flee (yes) and I run 8 inches to catch them AND I'm out of LOS of the treekin (YES!!!).

Turn 3 WE:

Waywatchers rally. Treemen charges the left quarellers who stand and shoot to no effect. The dryads charge the right quarellers who flee off the board (I thought this would set my BSB for a charge but I was wrong as they were still out of 6 inches), eternal guard charge the hammerers. Treekin move a bit up. Hero mage leaves the unit to go into the trees and her archers turn to face the miners. In the magic phase the trees move in to protect the dryads (although they still have LOS to my BSB), the trees also move to block my thanes unit from going after the glade guard, and with double 1 I fail to stop mistress of the marsh on the miners. (So now they move 1.5 inches...) In the shooting phase I lose 2 miners due to bad rolling, and with the trees blocking the large unit of archers that really it other than losing 3 warriors from the thanes unit from the other small unit of glade guard. In the combat phase treeman kills 3 quarellers and they hold thanks to the BSB. My lord makes a challenge which his champ takes (and gets smashed big time), I kill a few eternal guard and her noble kills a warrior, but the eternal guard refuse to break.

Turn 3 Dwarfs:

Other unit of miners come in beside the other miners. Thane's unit reforms to face the treekin's flank. BSB's unit reforms to ready for the dryad charge. Other miners move up to be an inch away from the archers. Bolt throwers miss the archers. Cannon does grape shot and kills a dryad. Quarellers in the building shoot the left waywaters and actually kill 2 who panic and run 3 inches. Left thunderers kill 2 glade guard from the unit facing the miners. Other thunderers do two wounds to the treekin. I use the anvil to charge the flank of the treekin and get a 1 (Nooooo), but otherwise the anvil is fine. In combat the treeman kills 4 quarellers and runs them down (ends up at the edge of the board), this panics the cannon crew and they run. Her noble take a challenge from my lord and is smashed (I love his setup). Other wise I kill 2 eternal guard and she kills 2 hammerers. She flees but I can't catch them.

Turn 4 WE:

Waywatchers and eternal guard rally. Dryads charge the BSB's unit. Treekin charge the left thunderers but they flee and get away. Treeman moves to the left of the building. Other small unit of archers turn to face the miners, and large unit turns to face hammerers. Center waywatcher move to the left of the hammerers. In the magic phase she move the center trees so that the waywatchers are covered. With double 1's I fail to stop mistress of the marsh on the new miners. Call of the hunt o the treekin is scrolled. In the shooting phase my hammerers take a beating and I'm down to about 12. One miner group is brought down to 6 models and the fresh one is brought down to 6 as well. Strangle root kills 5 of the quarellers in the building who pass their panic test. In combat My BSB makes a challenge which the champ takes and is killed. The dryads kill two warriors and I kill a dryad back. They flee and get away by one inch.

Turn 4 Dwarfs:

Thanes unit charges the flank of the treekin... but roll a 12 and fail their fear test (aaaargh!). Hammerers charge the eternal guard. BSB charges the dryads and they get away. The miners charge the archers. The other miners want to charge but I don't want to take the stand and shoot. Thunderers and cannon crew rally. In the shooting phase the quarellers take out 2 dryads with some good shooting. The bolt throwers miss again. The thunderers aim for the mage in the woods and miss. The anvil goes off and they hit the flank of the treekin (finally). In combat my lord and his hammerers miss ALL attacks and I lose a hammerer.... I hold though. I can't manage to take the last wound off a treekin, but they just kill 1 warrior and run and are now inbetween the thunderers and the thane's unit. The miners kill 3 archers but they hold and I expand my rank.

Turn 5 WE:

Waywatchers charge the rear of the hammerers. Dryads rally, but treekin run off the board. In the magic phase with irresitable force she gets call of the hunt on the eternal guard giving them +1 attack (meaning that unit will pump out 25 attacks). The rest is stopped. In the shooting phase the treeman uses strangle roots on the boltthrower but only kills 1 crew. The large unit of archers kills 5 warriors from my BSB's unit. The miners in the back are now down to 3 models after the glade guard are done with them. In combat only lose 3 models from ehr 39 attacks and kill a waywatcher and 4 eternal guard in return. I lose but hold. I lose 2 miners, but kill 3 back and they hold.

Turn 5 Dwarfs:

BSB charges the dryads. The three miners move to the flank of the other unit of glade guard. The thane's unit reforms to face the center. Thunderers turn around to face treeman. In the shooting phase everything misses or fails to wound the treeman again (stupid warmachines...). Thunders get lucky and snipe the hero mage from the trees. Anvil moves the miners into the flank of the archers. In combat the 3 miners kill an archer and then run them down. The other miners take two loses and kill 1 back but hold. Thane challenges the dryad hero and does a wound, I also kill a dryad and lose nothing and then run them down. Lord fights on as I lose 2 more hammerers and kill another waywatcher and 4 eternal guard. I lose again but hold.

Turn 6 WE:

Treeman charges thunderers and I flee. Magic phase is shut down with a scroll. The large archers kill a bunch of the warriors but I'm still just over half. In combat my miners get beaten up and the archers capture the banner. I only lose 2 hammerers but I kill 2 waywatchers and a few eternal guard. Both her units break and I try to run after the waywatchers but fail to catch them.

Turn 6 Dwarfs:

With little worth doing all I do is reform the 3 miners to face the lord mage, then use the anvil to charge her, but I roll a 1 and the anvil can't be used this turn or next. (Thunderers rally)

Victory to the dwarfs! (3-2)

Post-game thoughts: I think god is trying to tell me to not play dwarfs. I can't believe my rolls for my warmachines and in magic. I'm just lucky that my high toughness and armor (I use shields with the hammerers) saved me from all the attacks I was taking. I really wanted to face the treeman with my lord, but I didn't run close enough. Oh well, maybe next time :D

Thanks for reading. Tune in next time when I finally master the skill of failing a 2+!!!

28-08-2008, 18:20
Way to go!

Glad to see you could even wound those "Etheral Guard" the elves were fielding. Is that some sort of cross between a carin wraith and an eternal guard? I think you meant to say eternal guard. ;)

28-08-2008, 18:24
Har har... yes I did mean eternal guard... (I'll go in and change it)

30-08-2008, 20:57

Turn 4 Dwarfs:

Thanes unit charges the flank of the treekin... but roll a 12 and fail their fear test (aaaargh!). Hammerers charge the eternal guard. BSB charges the dryads and they get away.

Good win, but this is wrong IIRC. Dryads are Forest Spirits which makes them ItP and ItP troops cannot choose to flee a charge.

Volker the Mad Fiddler

30-08-2008, 21:22
They were already running from breaking from the last combat, so they had to keep fleeing.

Ironstone Doomhammer
31-08-2008, 06:00
Was this a 3000 point game?

Anyway, great battle report as always and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Tough luck with the two organ guns, it seems like either they love you or hate you. They're the most unreliable war machine we have IMO.

I was confused as to why you had no Longbeards though. You went shooting heavy and you rarely used the rune of wrath and ruin. Seeing as how much you used Oath and Honour I was surprised you didn't use more combat blocks. Also, if you have no hill for deployment, usually you use organ guns, slayers, and hammerers as tarpits to hold down your flanks. If I don't have a hill in my deployment zone, I castle up in a corner so I have no flanks.

Hope it helps, don't quit the stunties just yet! :D

01-09-2008, 00:20
Good report, Malorian!

A couple of things on the army composition:

-Too much of a gunline for my liking... for yours, too, as the dice rolls demonstrate! What won you the battle was the reliability of dwarven infantry, combined with the extra movement from the Anvil of Doom.
If I were you, I'd lose some of the shooting stuff, add great weapons to the quarellers and shields to the thunderers and get an extra infantry block or two.

-2 organ guns is plain wrong, and against wood elves a flame cannon could work wonders as well! (from personal experience, flame cannons are far more reliable than organ guns as far as the damage ratio is concerned)

On deployment, Ironstone Doomhammer is spot on: You'll have to form a solid battle line, leaving firing lanes for your warmachines and protecting your flanks with various tools.
Alternatively: Due to the added movement from the Anvil, reliability of infantry (especially hammerers, slayers and pretty much any unit with an oathstone) and sheer hitting power of rare warmachines, you can afford to press on in the centre, without worrying much about flanking movement. Using quarellers with great weapons as flank guards is vital to this strategy, as their potential 12" charge can win you many a combat.

In short: Congrats on the win, but I think dwarves truly shine when you capitalize on their strengths and add variety in the mix. Longbeards, Slayers, Ironbreakers and rangers are things you should try out!

Cheers and keep the battle reports coming!


01-09-2008, 04:47
I thought that since they got rid of their move their difficult terrain rule that rangers were useless... Have you found they work well?

Ironstone Doomhammer
01-09-2008, 09:02
I thought that since they got rid of their move their difficult terrain rule that rangers were useless... Have you found they work well?

Rangers have the scout special ability and that makes them VERY useful in games where woods will be used often. Think about it, a unit of rangers in woods ready to beat wood elves with classic stuntie tactics. Static CR and Grinding.

I would honestly say though that the core infantry that dwarfs have are one of the best. at 9 points a piece including shields it's really quite a steal. Heavy armour, hand weapon, shield, choice to take great weapon. It's honestly one of the best things we have going for us. We're tough as nails.

01-09-2008, 11:48
:)Like the reports...Your list would give my classic footslogging large unit based Armies a headache. But how would it cope with a faster army with multiple Cav + Flyer's? Your myrid Gunline units & WarMachines would be picked off leaving the rest open to multiple charges. I love last stand.


01-09-2008, 13:01
Rangers don't HAVE to be deployed inside woods... Back in 6th edition, the woodsmen rule was great (I was really bummed they didn't include it in the new rules, it would have made rangers a must-have unit), but nowadays deploying them inside the wood means they'll need at least 3 rounds of movement before they are able to do anything...

However, they can be deployed behind woods, hills, buildings and the such, giving you a head start and your opponent something to worry about early on in the game. What's more, the scout rule enables you to deploy them after the enemy has placed his units, so even if you place then inside your zone, you have the benefit of hindsight. (or something like that... :) )
My favorite combination is the following:

14 Longbeard Rangers, GW, shield, T.Axes, FC, Rune of Slowness

Even without the anvil, these guys are golden! Their axes are at Strength 5, they are hard as nails in close combat and the rune of slowness ensures one of two things: Either you'll get to stand and shoot against a fast enemy (such as fast cavalry) or you'll get a failed charge (on top of the stand and shoot) and the initiative will be yours next turn!

Sure, they weigh at 300 points, but they make their points back every game: They march-block, delay an enemy flank, kill big stuff (giants and hydras come to mind), harass enemy missile troops and wrap it all up with a well-timed flank charge towards the end of the battle.

P.S. Sorry for turning your thread into a tactics discussion, hope it's OK with you!