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28-08-2008, 16:04
I've wanted to collect Orcs and Goblins for quite and while and have finally begun my own little Waargh.

Army list at the bottom:

Battle 1:
I bought the Skull pass set and used them in a standard Warhammer game. I quickly realised a Ld5 general is a bad thing as most of my army paniced when 1 unit fled from an Undead flank assault. My troll died to a banshee and my spider riders couldn't quite take on the entirety of the Vampire force...

Battle 2:
Here I played against a custom army list - Barrow Kings. It was pretty much Undead Dwarves, minus missile weapons. Solid blocks of infantry!

I suffered my first annoyance with animosity here, my general's unit refusing to move at awkward times - I need to be more willing to declare a waargh.

I can't really remember a lot about this game other than bouncing from inpenetrable blocks of undead infantry, which felt a lot like running into a wall!

Battle 3:
2 Spear chukkas
Black Orc boss in 15 boys
Orc shaman
Goblin shaman
7 boar riders
Pump wagon
1 boar chariot
2x20 gobbos with 3 fanatics each
5 squig hoppers

I faced a tough line of Dwarves. Organ gun, bolt throwers, thunderers, slayer, slayers, couple of blocks of infantry.

This battle showed me the reverse of animosity and some horrific dice rolls. On turn 1 my goblin shaman blew up his head and my general beat up 3 of his boys.

I threw the boar boys down a flank to take down some thunderers, but they overran off the board, returning to meet a charge form a naked slayer, killing them all.
The pump wagon was shot down by a bolt thrower.
The squig hoppers died to 1 volley from the organ gun.
My magic killed a few slayers and I managed to finish them off with a chariot.
The fanatics were.. fun. One unit's worth flew back into the goblins, causing them to flee right back into them.
My General's unit took 7 animosity casualties before he even got into combat.

As a result I realised I need to work out some compensation for the general's animosity. Be more careful with fanatic positioning and perhaps concentrate my attacks - not throw units unsupported into flanks.

Army-wise, I own:
40 Night Goblin Spearmen
20 Night Goblin Archers
20 Orc Boys
10 Forest Goblin Spider Riders
1 Spear Chukka
1 Troll
1 Snotling Pump Wagon
5 Boar Boys

1 Mounted Savage Boy Shaman
1 Orc Shaman
1 Goblin Shaman
1 Goblin Big Boss
1 Black Orc Boss

I've bought (waiting on):
6 Fanatics
6 bases of Snotlings
1 Mounted Orc Shaman

I plan to further scratch build:
1 Spear Chukka
1 Rock Lobber
2 Boar Chariots

28-08-2008, 16:18
Battle 3: to add

Battle 4: Wood Elves 1k.
I took:
Black orc warboss with kickers, heavy armour in 20 boys full command and shields.
level 2 orc shaman
Goblin big boss with brimstone and titty ring
21 goblins with short bows, musician and 1 fanatic
2x7 spider riders with short bows
2x boar chariots with extra crew
1 pump wagon
1 speak chukka

Facing - approximations
8-10 wild riders
6-8 glade riders
2x7 war dancers
6-8 way watchers
a unit of skirmishing archers?
10 glade guard
Elf hero

This poor chap had terrible dice rolls. He took first turn and took down about 3 goblins. No magic!

My goblins sat on my left flank and traded arrows with waywatchers. They came out of a wood and were run down by my pump wagon.
Both my spiders sat on the right flank with a chariot facing the wild riders and scouts. The spiders managed to shoot most the scouts and 1 unit charged to finish them off. Before this my shaman managed to smash 5 of the wild riders, who ran to the centre.
My spear chukka missed, missed, failed to wound, failed to wound!
On turn 3 all my heroes and magic rolled 1 for animosity. In hind sight this was THE turn to declare a Waargh, but I didn't and it could have cost me the game.
My general, shaman and 20 boys got charged by 3 wild riders in the fore, 7 wardancers and his hero in the flank. I managed to hold the combat, challenging the rider champ with my hero and mowing them down to 1 horseman. No wardancers died, but they didn't negate my ranks -so I held.
I threw 7 spiders into the rear of the wardancers, a chariot into glade riders. The chariot massacred the horsemen! The spider riders... died down to 2 models, so I didn't have unit strength 5. I lost that combat overall and despite the wardancers being held by the spiders... 1 bloody wild rider remained and overran my general's unit!

Despite a near annihilation, I held a banner and a table quarter, bringing the difference to 75 points and a draw :)