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Cry of the Wind
28-08-2008, 17:24
I've been thinking a lot about my new High Elf army and how to use magic with it. Coming from a 2nd Gen Slann Lizard army I want to get away from magic as a primary tactic. I've been thinking of ways to keep my points on magic at a minimum but am at a loss of how to do this with out leaving my army too vunerable.

What I'm think of right now is two Lv1 wizards, one with Annulian Crystal (steal an enemy power die and turn it into a dispell die) and the staff that gives +1 dispell (can't remember the name of that common item right now). This gives me 5 dispell dice with +2 to dispell. Is this enough or are scrolls still the way to go?

28-08-2008, 17:44
The great thing about High Elves and their defensive abilities is how easily magical offense is achieved from 'scroll caddies'. I usually pick the annulian crystal with one mage, and 2 scrolls with the other( I think the extra DD is more useful in general than another +1 to dispel). Then I make both mages lvl2 and take the banner of sorcery with an elite infantry unit. This gives 7-9 PD on top of some great magic defense, which usually allows me to toss around some support spells.

This also makes sure those points put into mages aren't wasted in case the opponent plays little to no magic. 7-9 PD will dominate the magic phase late in the game against a single scroll caddy, where as 2 lvl 1 mages won't do anything.

28-08-2008, 18:02
i believe the motto '' The best defense is a good attack'' was invented by the HE. Since their ability to generate dispell dice isnt good at all, loading up on power dice will allow you to cast even 2 dispell magic per turn just with 2 lvl 2 mages, that combined with some dispell scrolls and power stones should be enough to gain the upper hand in most games and not be masacrated by the most powerful magic armies.

There are some magic items that allow you to keep magic to minimun too. (loremaster cloak, banner of arcane protection, amulet of fire or the null stone).

Cry of the Wind
28-08-2008, 18:03
True, it's just what you're talking about adds another 120pts that I'm not sure I have to spare in my list. Right now I've got 1 Lv2 and 1 Lv1 with 2 scrolls which is about the cost of the 2 Lv1s with the crystal and staff.

I've also found so far in playtesting that I either have already lost late game or don't need the freed up mages anymore since my combat units are where they need to be and doing their thing to great effect. More playtesting is in order I guess.

28-08-2008, 18:56
I highly suggest trying to squeeze in those 120 points. Think of it like this, 120 points to add another phase to your turn. Phases are usually much more expensive =p

28-08-2008, 20:53
i believe the good thing about high magic is that while not having super destructive or game winning spells, all of them are pretty useful and sinergic with your army and all remain useful during all the 6 turns. (most can be cast into CC and none except the magic missile needs LoS).

Cry of the Wind
28-08-2008, 23:04
Alrighty then, seems you guys have a high opinion of that combo. I'll give it a try...stay tuned for a new army list...

Anyone else have any luck with the staff/crystal combo?