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28-08-2008, 18:35
Hellblaster 110
Hellblaster 110

Pistoliers x5, Musician, Champion, Repeater Pistol 114
Pistoliers x5, Musician, Champion, Repeater Pistol 114
Cannon 100
Cannon 100

Knights x5, Standard, Steel Standard (+d3 charge range) 151
Knights x5, Standard, Arcane Warding (mr2) 161
Knights x6, Standard, Warbanner 179
Handgunners x10, Champion, Hochland 105
Handgunners x10, Champion, Hochland 105

Warrior Priest, Barded Steed, Heavy Armor, Shield Icon of Magnus (imune to fear), Biting Blade 135
Wizard, Level 2, Rod of Power (store power/dispel dice) 130
Wizard, Level 2, Scroll x2 150
Grand Master, Shroud of Magnus (mr2, 5+ ward), Casket of Sorcery (steal spell bound item thing) 230

Total 1994

Wonder what people think? Any way to improve it without taking a steam tank or an arch lector, im happy to drop anything except the pistoliers if you can give me a good reason to do so. Plus this list has the benefit of being fairly "cheap" as 2k armies go at 154

28-08-2008, 19:11
It looks pretty good to me, over all.

* I'd strip the champions off the pistoliers. That saves 34 pts.
* I'd strip the standard off the knights with the warbanner, OR add a champion and musician. Assuming the former, that saves 41 pts.

* I'd give an Enchanted Shield to the warrior priest. That costs 8 pts (replacing the nornal shield).
* I'd give horses to your wizards, so they can ride with the pistoliers. It's a lot safer than in the small handgunner units. That's 20 pts.

That leaves us with 53 pts to spend. I'd use those to add a champion to the knight units that are joined by a a character (32 pts). It adds a bit of extra muscle, and most importantly it adds challenge protection. You can then add musicians to those same two units with the rest of the points, or upgrade the Biting Blade to a Sword of Might and add only 1 musician.

Alternatively, you could get rid of at least 1 of the Hellblasters. They can be fun, but they aren't reliable enough to me. I'd honestly prefer a DoW cannon in my rare slot.

You could add a third handunner unit instead of a hellblaster - the hochlands really need to drop something if you're going to include them, and if you're aiming for enemy wizards, you want 3 shots to take down 2 wounds.

28-08-2008, 19:37
The list looks pretty solid as far as game mechanics go.
However I am little confused as to the theme for the army. Warrior priest + Knights + Shooty of doom. Seems a little segmented. If I were you I would choose a theme. If you want to do the shooty thing (seems that way to me) then pick Nuln. Drop the knights and the grand master.

Replace them with either more hand gunners (though I think 2x units is enough) or what about some rank + file?

You could then add an engineer (maybe on a mechsteed) for theme, you could use the stupid cool warrior priest blessing the handgun and maybe upgrade him to an arch lector.

Sit back, shoot play with the pisoleers then have nice fat rank+file to kill whatever makes it across.. Solid theme and solid army!

Otherwise what you have is a good example of a solid MSU army combined with shooting and a little magic of love!


28-08-2008, 19:44

Link to the cool blessing of sigmar model.

**One quick tip. The casket works super well on a mage with shadow magic. No one dispels steed of shadows cast on the mage. You can then just pop across the table behind casty wizard and steal a spell and shoot it at them.. I do it to vamps all the time they love it when I steal gaze hehehe ***

29-08-2008, 05:29
i love that idea will have to try it